iNickStuffUnorthodox yes, experimental yes, but doomed? I would lượt thích to lớn think not. This formation has few recollections to real football and probably will not be implemented for a very long time until a manager is brave sầu enough lớn put it inlớn practice. Even then, the results of it could be sporadic & ultimately fail in a trial-and-error basis spanning decades. But the 4-1-3-2 could be a future common formation, if exposed enough khổng lồ the very extent that it is as widely regarded as the 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 or the 4-1-2-1-2.A formation that retains the simple "four at the back" does not look to venture out of it's means with three defenders and two wing backs that temporarily create a three-man defence & then a five-man. This allows both the full backs khổng lồ stay in their positions lớn create the simple bachồng four but yet allow them to lớn roam forward in search of intercepting tackles, passes & distributing the ball back to team-mates in a general fashion; whether forward or backwards in favouring of the central defenders or the central midfielder.The central midfielder's role, the hub of the centre, looks khổng lồ retain possession in tackling, intercepting and looking for loose possession. That is then transferred into finding the full backs, wingers or the attacking midfielder infront of them, in turn creates an attacking move sầu whilst they still try to hold the midfield's shape. One large criticism of the formation would, quite obviously, be the fact that there is only one holding midfielder and creates large gaps in the centre for the opposition to exploit. The attacking midfielder dropping deep inkhổng lồ the centre, to lớn find passes from the central midfielder, would then allow the formation to convert itself inlớn a 4-2-2-2 formation whilst the wingers can opt khổng lồ stay further up the pitch or drop further down to lớn the half-way line and cover the spaces. This would then convert it into a 4-4-2 formation.The attacking midfielder would mainly find themselves in attacking moves, spraying passes left, wide & centre to lớn then find the players in space, exploit the opposition's defensive sầu line and create chances - either on the break or within control of possession. Their main job is to lớn piông chồng up possession, make runs and khổng lồ find either short or direct passes in the final thirds of the pitch where the wingers would stay compact & against the opposition full backs, or through the centre where one of the strikers would drop deep và look khổng lồ draw out one of the central defenders from the opposing team. The inner arrows as shown on the diagram indicate the types of passes the attacking midfielder could make, whilst the outer arrows indicate the runs.Finally, the striker's role descriptions are divided inlớn two sections; (a) making space (b) creating chances. The first, making space, would be temporarily forge the role of an attacking midfielder in order to lớn find a pass from the midfield or the defence that then allows the team to lớn keep possession & not hurry a pass that would often fall into lớn the hands of the opposition. By doing that, they then become what is called a "false nine" và draw the central defenders out of position, allowing the other striker to lớn make a run inside và capitalise on the mistakes made. The second, creating chances, would be to be making runs in and around the 12-18 yard box, looking for passes (long, short, aerial) and crosses from either the wingers or the full backs. When they are in the spaces, the 12-18 yard boxes, they can then have the opportunity khổng lồ shoot on goal and possibly score.This is rough, untested & very much in the need of tweaking, it is understood. This may well be a sketch of Barcelona when they are attacking, but nevertheless it's a concept that could be adopted in the future; dependent on who is willing khổng lồ take the risk.


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nvrDon't you think there's a huge gap between CBs and DM? Your DM would have sầu to be a superhuman khổng lồ cover that area.


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iNickStuffYes, indeed, that is a huge flaw in the tactic, but that's the point of it being a concept - it's very experimental.The AMC would most likely drop back khổng lồ try và create a 4-2-2-2 even.


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