Asura (2012) by keiichi sato


In a world suffering from famine a woman gives birth lớn herson. With starvation warping her sensibilities she almost resorts to lớn eating theinfant to survive sầu. Terrified by the thought of what she was about lớn vì chưng she runs,leaving her child to fover for itself. Eight years later the boy (Masako Nozawa)has become feral, killing & eating people to stay alive. When he crossespaths with a monk (Kinya Kitaoji) he is little more than a beast, snarlingwithout language & knowing only how lớn fight. The monk gives hyên the nameAsura and tries khổng lồ steer hyên baông chồng to lớn a path of humanity, attempting khổng lồ teachhlặng Buddhist sutras. Asura later meets a young woman, Wakasa (MegumiHayashibara), whose kindness encourages hlặng lớn follow a better path. However, somepeople want revenge for the deaths he has caused và the darker side of Asura’snature is always lurking just beneath the surface.

Based on a manga by George Akiyama, Asura is directed by KeiichiSato lớn. The animation style blends 3D computer generated models with a hand-drawnstyle. The characters have sầu a sketchy kiến thiết, with pencil lines visible on theirfeatures, which gives the film a storybook feel. This complements the plotwhich resembles a fable. There are some stunning sequences enabled by thedigital art techniques, such as soaring aerial shots, and the final battle. Thecomputer-aided graphics also provide some fantastic weather and lightingeffects và give sầu the world a tangible feel, further enhanced by great sound work.The music by Yoshihiro Ike, Norihilớn Sumitomo & SusumuUeda includes a thrilling theme và an orchestral feel that offsets the dramaperfectly. The story is tragic và the emotions raw. There are also a lot ofbloody action sequences và the kinetic energy of Asura’s acrobatic fightingstyle is a joy khổng lồ watch. The character of Asura is likeable despite hishorrific deeds in the early part of the film & provokes genuine sympathy inhis struggle khổng lồ rein in his atavistic instincts in favour of more civilisedbehaviour. Again the look of the characters goes a long way towards making themmemorable and the film as a whole has a quality feel.

Asura is at heart a simple morality tale about redemption& retaining ones humanity in the face of terrible circumstances. In thebeginning of the film Asura has lost all semblance of humanity, having resortedto killing to lớn survive. He moves and sounds like an animal & has no compassionfor other humans. The priest và Wakasa, by contrast, are prepared lớn dierather than sink lớn the màn chơi of killing or indulging their worst instincts.Through their kindness Asura is shown another way khổng lồ live. It is an interestingmoral conundrum as lớn what should be permitted in order lớn survive. In a harshworld, where starvation leads people to lớn desperate acts, is it possible toretain a civilised society? Alongside this question, the film also asks theaudience khổng lồ consider Asura’s position, having already committed terriblecrimes. Can & should he be forgiven? Can he redeem himself? Some of thoseAsura meets treat hyên ổn as a villain, others as a victyên ổn, and this impacts him inturn. A film that asks important questions of its audience, with excellentanimation & a quality style.

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