Rog strix b450


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Just make sure to look to see if your RAM will be compatible with this board or you wont get the full performance out of it!


Very solid motherboard, has very nice người control software which gives me all of the tuning I need khổng lồ make my PC quiet yet stay cool.

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Easy lớn use BIOS

Looks cool


Pretty good phối of features

2 m.2 slots

Preinstalled I/O Sheild


Backplate would not screw in correctly with cooler at first

No PCI-e 4.0

No Wifi or Bluetooth

Would be 5 stars if not for the cooler installation issues (which I eventually fixed)


Great board for my first build bachồng in 2020 that came with a zen 2 capable btiện ích ios pre-installed khổng lồ run my r5 3600 out of the box. Ever since, the system has been completely stable through several bgame ios updates và I"ve sầu experienced none of the fussiness I was told I might experience in pairing a Zen 2 cpu with a 400 series board and with amd in general. The bquả táo interface is also very user friendly và I"ve sầu had an easy time learning my way around it. That said, it still has all the limitations of the b450 chipphối as compared khổng lồ the newer 500 series boards, so that should certainly be taken into consideration in 2021.

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Love sầu the btiện ích ios on this thing, feels sturdy, looks nice & has plenty of features. Plenty of fan headers, but sad there are only RGB headers, solved by a rgb controller though.

I got this MB because it filled all of my needs at the time, its not the best but it"s very cheap & looks hot!

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