Attack on titan, chapter 136

Attachồng on Tirã Confirms the Status of Two Major Characters Attaông chồng on Tichảy Chapter #136 brings together an unlikely pairing, revealing, in the process, the status of two major characters.

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #136 of Attack on Titan, "Devote Your Hearts," by Hajime Isayama, Dezi Sienty và Alex Ko Ransom, now available in English from Kodansha.

While the Attaông xã on Titan anime is just entering its fourth and final season, its source material also continues to lớn draw ever closer khổng lồ a nailbiting conclusion. After the crushing death of Commander Hange Zoe, author Hajime Isayama has kept readers on their toes in regards to who the next major victyên ổn of Eren"s genocidal rumbling will be. Chapter #135 made it seem likely that Hange"s successor, Armin, could well be next; however, Chapter #136, "Devote Your Hearts" complicates this implication.

Not only is Armin still clinging to lớn life, but the peculiar circumstances of his current status lead hyên ổn lớn discover he"s not the only one stuông xã in this precarious state: Zeke Jeager is with hyên.

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Following their unsuccessful assault on Eren"s Founding Tirã size in the last chapter, Levi, Mikasa, Jean, Connie và Reiner were forced to make a speedy escape when Ymir/the Founding Tirã called forth the powers of every Shifter inheritor in history lớn defkết thúc themselves. As Falco"s flying Jaw Tirã, along with Annie & Gabi, whisked them lớn safety, they could only look back in dismay at those they"d left behind: Pieck Finger"s impaled Cart Titung body toàn thân & Armin -- swallowed by a Beast Tirã -- who was nowhere khổng lồ be found.

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Attachồng on Titan 136 Armin
In Chapter #136, when his comrades return to the Founding Titung khổng lồ re-attempt their assassination of Eren and recover Armin, the new Commander is revealed lớn still be conscious; aware of what his friends are doing thanks to the telepathic links that all Eldians tóm tắt. In a typically "Armin" moment of depression, a spiritual manifestation of the young soldier"s body berates his immobilized physical one for its "uselessness," which speaks lớn Armin"s brains over brawn balance, & his frustrations therein. But, again, in a very Armin-esque way, he quickly rationalizes that still being aware of what"s happening around hlặng must mean he"s not dead... yet.

This is when Zeke reenters the picture. The older Jeager brother hasn"t been seen since Chapter #122, which is when Eren double-crossed him to lớn take control of the Founding Titung and enact the Rumbling with Ymir. A more recent installment of the Attaông chồng on Titan manga showed Zeke"s Beast Titan using his baseball skills khổng lồ demolish an attempted aerial assault on Eren"s wall Tirã army, but it was soon uncovered that this was merely one of Ymir"s puppets, not the real Zeke, throwing doubt on whether or not he was still alive sầu. At the over of Chapter #136, Armin & Zeke -- both "eaten by Ymir" -- are brought together at the Path, the spiritual channel that liên kết Ymir"s Subjects khổng lồ the Titans.

Attaông xã on Titung 136 Armin Zeke
When Armin finds Zeke, he"s shifting the sandy ground into lớn a mound -- a small action that shouldn"t go unnoticed. After all, this was the method that Ymir used lớn bring Zeke baông chồng from the dead after his last confrontation with Levi. It"s not the only blink-and-you"ll-miss-it reference to the Titan founder, either. When looking for the Tirã that swallowed Armin (an okapi), Mikasa mistakes the beast for a pig more than once. As Isayama reminded us at the start of Chapter #135, the farm animals are a crucial element of Ymir"s origin story: 2,000 years ago, she was punished by King Fritz for allowing some pigs lớn escape their pen -- setting in motion the sequence of events that led khổng lồ her gaining the power of the Titans. On a symbolic level, pigs could also represent the enslavement Ymir has suffered from her entire life, and her entire afterlife until Eren freed her.

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Clearly, Ymir"s presence is everywhere even if she herself is nowhere to lớn be found. While Mikasa and the others may be able lớn rescue Armin"s physical body from her, it will be up to lớn Armin -- and maybe Zeke -- khổng lồ return in spirit from the Path that bound Ymir for so long.

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