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Top 5 tanks in điện thoại Legends Bang Bang for beginners (Image via Moonton)

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the favorites in the MOBA genre. It has gained a huge fanbase & is constantly growing. For beginners, there is a huge danh sách of heroes to lớn choose from và each one has different abilities & skills that, if used properly, will help them win matches.

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There are plenty of different tanks in MLBB that beginners can try out. This menu for March 2023 will focus on điện thoại Legend Bang Bang"s best tank heroes as per the current meta. However, players are requested to choose a nhân vật based on their playstyle lớn get the most out of the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer"s views.

Top 5 tanks in thiết bị di động Legends Bang Bang: Khufra, Atlas, & more

5) Khufra

Khufra is one of the most celebrated tanks in smartphone Legends Bang Bang. With amazing crowd-control abilities & the power khổng lồ stop enemies from healing themselves, they are one of the best frontline attackers. With the high màn chơi of durability on offer, Khufra can easily wander through the map. So whenever an ally is under attack, it will always go for backup.

Players should keep the tank on the frontlines of their team"s attack. This way, Khufra can engage the enemy heroes và force them to khuyến mãi with it while the teammates keep attacking from a distance.

4) Atlas


Atlas is another fan-favorite tank in mobile Legends Bang Bang và is working great this month after the latest patch. Using its amazing powers, the anh hùng can slow down, pull, freeze or stun multiple enemies. This amazing thiết bị di động Legends Bang Bang tank gains the ability khổng lồ slow the foes around him and also freeze those who are close by.

This tank has great mobility that places it in front of enemy lines. This way, players can force opponents into attacking them with their controlled skills. The allies can then attack the enemies without any problem. Even when the latter avoids engaging in fights with the tank, it gives players a window khổng lồ use the ultimate skill to gain kills.

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3) Gloo

This is another đứng top tank in mobile Legends Bang Bang. Players can use the first and second skill combos early in the game to hit their opponents before finishing any one of them off with the ultimate.

The ultimate Gloo reduces the cooldown that makes this tank a beast. Along with decent mobility, there is another special skill for Gloo in sản phẩm điện thoại Legends Bang Bang. Enemies hit by the controlled skills are marked. So, with each stack, their movement decreases as well as their damage to Gloo.

2) Johnson

Johnson is another amazing tank in MLBB. He has great mobility that allows him khổng lồ join team fights regardless of his position on the map. A pro tip for beginners of the trò chơi will be khổng lồ keep the mini-map in check. Since he has the power khổng lồ join allied forces in a fight anytime they need it, checking the mini-map frequently will help them time the activation of his ultimate to perfection.

Teaming him up with a nhân vật who can burst down the enemy lanes quickly will run riot in the enemy half. Thus, Gatotkaca, another powerful tank in thiết bị di động Legends Bang Bang, can be a great partner for Johnson.

1) Fredrinn

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has many amazing tanks. However, Fredrinn gets the upper hand on this list, & here is why. With a second skill that has a shorter cooldown period, this nhân vật is quite buffed in the game. Equip him with some defensive CDR items, & he will cast his spells more frequently to lớn punish enemies with controlled skills.

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Fredrinn is easily the best tank in di động Legend Bang Bang with great mobility. His range is high for a melee hero as well. The first skill and the ultimate of these tanks vì chưng very high damage khổng lồ their opponents. Depending on how many crystals are left, Fredrinn"s ultimate might bởi 3000 or 4000 damage with each strike.

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