Cập nhật ios 7.0 cho iphone 3


If you’re still using game ios 6 that’s fine– stay there if you want. But if you’re on any version of 7 lower than 7.0.3, get your device updated to lớn 7.0.3 pronto. There are lots of improvements in quả táo 7.0.3, but here are the most important ones:

1. Quả táo 7.0.3 introduces the iCloud Keychain feature that remembers your log-ins for websites và your passwords for WiFi networks. Enter the info once và it’s remembered, so you don’t have to enter it ever again– & it syncs across all of your tiện ích ios devices (as long as they are on 7.0.3 or higher). Imagine how nice it will be khổng lồ enter log-in info, or WiFi passwords, on your iPhone— and have it show up on your iPad! For the person who has an iPad and an iPhone the iCloud Keychain feature is a dream come true. Even with a single game ios device it’s a very useful and handy feature.

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2. Quả táo 7.0.3 brings back the “search the web” option for home screen searches, same as in ios 6. (Rick, I think they did this one for you.)

3. Ios 7.0.3 fixes a bug that made activating iMessages impossible.

Apple is a little bit quiet about the bugs that they’ve fixed with 7.0.3, as usual.

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You can read Apple’s game ios 7.0.3 release notes and find out more, but not a lot more.

Get the update by connecting your device lớn a charger và then going to the Settings app, then General, then Software Updates. Never roll the dice by installing a software update on battery power. Never ever.

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