Fifa 23 reset settings solution confirmed to fix annoying glitch


Latest FIFA 23 news from as a solution has been found for an annoying error that sees players" game settings resetting when they load FIFA 23.

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A FIFA 23 glitch has emerged that resets trò chơi settings when loading up the game, but there is now a solution to fix this issue.

Despite having only been released worldwide for around three weeks, EA Sports has had a fair nội dung of problems and glitches with FIFA 23 so far. Some players have dubbed FIFA 23 as having the messiest opening weeks for a FIFA title ever, with some major errors having already occurred.

Last week, EA accidentally released their 2022 FIFA World Cup mode weeks early, whilst there have also been problems in FIFA Ultimate Team as a 25k pack featuring a tradable FUT Heroes player hit the FUT Store. Và now, another mistake by EA has seen players' trò chơi settings resetting themselves whenever they start up FIFA 23.

The bug means that when some players start FIFA 23 on their or PC, any changes players have made to trò chơi settings such as, camera & audio settings have not saved, with the game starting lượt thích players are accessing the game for the first time.

This has proven extremely frustrating for some players, especially the ones who have changed camera settings or play on alternative, two-button or one-button settings. It's not a major issue, but it's one that is proving very frustrating for impacted players.

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But, it now seems a solution for this error has been figured out, allowing players an easier way to lớn reset their settings rather than going through và changing them one by one.

Posted on Twitter by
DonkTrading, here's the easiest way khổng lồ get back your saved setting on FIFA 23:

When on the FIFA 23 trang chủ page, scroll across to the 'Customise' section Select the 'Profile' section Select 'Load Profile', & your settings will change to lớn the last one saved

If this doesn't work or you haven't saved a profile, change your game settings to lớn the ones you want & then select 'Save Profile'. Once you've done this, the settings you've saved will now be used when you next select 'Load Profile'. Unfortunately, this error won't stop your settings from resetting, it just provides a quicker way to lớn change your settings back to how you want. Hopefully, EA will notice this issue and fix it soon.

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FIFA 23 is developed by EA & EA Romania and is now available worldwide on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Stadia, PS4, và Xbox One.

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