Dragon ball z dokkan battle


Currently, we are receiving many data restoration requests. Please be informed that we will response khổng lồ your inquiry in received order & we will get baông chồng khổng lồ you as soon as we can.

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We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

*Please read the following terms before you proceed. Your use of the data restoration service is proof of your acceptance of these terms.


+ Notes Regarding Data Restoration Request(*PLEASE READ)

※You may not have more than one User Account at any given time.

- We cannot accept your request if we cannot confirm your game data from the information you provide to us.

- Even if we can identify your data, there are cases in which we cannot restore your data depending on its condition.

- It is not possible lớn integrate several game data together in to lớn one game data.

- BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. will not take responsibility for any loss of any kind if you or a third các buổi party suffers such loss due to the use of the Data Restoration Service. The use of this service shall be governed by The Terms of Service available at the bottom of this page. Your use of the service is proof of your acceptance of these terms.

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- Please take note that the Data Restoration Service is only available for one time per each trương mục.

- Please be noted that we can"t provide the Data Restoration Code unless we can identify the tài khoản is yours. Data Restoration process may kết thúc within 10 business days at earliest.

+ Request Instructions

Please sover an inquiry from the following "Support Form".

+ Confirmation

As soon as we confirm your data, we will contact you through the e-mail address provided.

+ Privacy Policy

Any personal information provided khổng lồ us through the Data Restoration Service will be used only for the data restoration process. This may include, contacting you if necessary.

The use of the Data Restoration Service is subject khổng lồ BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.’s Privacy Policy provided here.

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This is the Data Restoration khung of English version.

If you are playing the Global version of the game, please refer to lớn the following URLs for each language;




●Traditional Chinesehttps://chienquoc.com.vn/inquiry/1625?lang=zho

Sorry lớn trouble you, but if you inquire us, please be sure to lớn confirm the following contents "About responses", and inquire us after agreement.
Please kindly understvà that our response may be delayed depending on its nội dung và situation. ※ We may not reply khổng lồ every inquiries due to lớn the management reasons ※ Our reply will be delayed during the weekends, holidays, our leaving periods và especially when we need a specific investigation ※ Please underst& that after our days off, we may be extremely busy, so that our reply will require more time We don"t answer lớn questions about game tips, walk-through methods, & game specification. We bởi NOT permit the second use or any purpose use of our reply If you have sầu spam filter setting, please add the following domain as an exception to lớn the filter: If your e-mail address contains symbols such as <..> or <+> & so on, we may not receive your inquiry correctly. Please try khổng lồ use another e-mail address with that case. There is a possibility that we may nội dung the tin nhắn address which is used for sending inquiries to our group companies.This is in order for us to process your request. Please refrain from entering your personal information to the inquiry size such as your name, address and telephone number, etc.
If you are able khổng lồ agree with the above sầu terms, please sover an inquiry from the following "Support Form".

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