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Tải game dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team mod



Tag team battling is about khổng lồ get energized; Dragon Ball style! For the first time in the Dragon Ball series; take part in high-impact 2 vs.

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2 team battles in Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaibỏ ra Tag Team. Experience fierce fighting lượt thích never before with 70 playable & customizable characters plus an intuitive control system that allows you lớn jump right into the white-knuckled action. Various single và multiplayer modes allow you khổng lồ play through key missions from the original anime; demo your skills against an onslaught of skilled fighters or even create your own match-ups never before seen in the anime. You’ll need stamimãng cầu strategy & Super Saiyan skills khổng lồ win this competition!

Create your Ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá Team – Experience 2 vs. 2 team battle play for the first time in the Dragon Ball series! Using the ad-hoc mode up lớn four players can now experience the ultimate Dragon Ball battle. Work together with your teammate to take on your opponents in a kiểm tra of skill and strategy.

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Customize your Favorite Characters – Choose from any of 70 tín đồ favorite characters including Super Saiyan Goku Super Saiyan 2 Gohan Super Saiyan Vegeta Super Saiyan Trunks Piccolo & more! Gain the upper hvà by customizing your characters with special items that alter their attaông chồng parameters và then use these custom characters in battle. Piông chồng your Path – A variety of single-player and multi-player modes to keep your adrenaline pumping và your skills at the ready. Follow the original anime story & relive sầu key scenes from the Saiyan saga through the Majin Buu saga in the all-new ‘Dragon Walker’ mode. Or undergo rigorous training to hone your skills và sharpen your senses in the ‘Training’ mode. Ready for battle? Jump straight into the action as you clear key battle scenes from the anime or create your own in ‘Battle 100’ or face off against advancing enemies in ‘Survival’ mode.

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Enter the World of Dragon Ball – Fight in any of 10 different fields from the Dragon Ball universe moving about them freely using the game’s optimized control system.

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