Is saitama stronger than goku? 5 reasons each character would win if they ever fought

Dragon Ball's Goku vs One-Punch Man: Who Wins in a Fight One-Punch Man has never found his limit, while Goku keeps overcoming his own. But which of these unbelievably powerful heroes would win a fight?

One Punch Goku
What happens when a warrior who is constantly exceeding his limits faces a pugidanh sách who"s never found a true challenge? Goku has fought literal gods & put the galaxy in jeopardy with his battles. One-Punch Man (aka Saitama) has never had to lớn expover his full force but has shaken the planet with just one of his fists. So who would win in a fight? 

Goku is the battle-thirsty Saiyan from Earth who is always looking for his next challenger và spends his down time training lớn be the greademo fighter khổng lồ have sầu ever lived. From child lớn adult, he has rarely been beaten across the Dragon Ball narrative sầu, & lately has been going toe-to-toe with gods. Saitama comes from a universe where he is easily the strongest man alive, và has exploded even the most dangerous monsters with his signature single punch, since a second punch is never required.

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One Punch Goku
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Saitama’s full strength has never been found, but he has speed as well as strength & the resilience khổng lồ take immense damage without flinching. He may struggle to catch a mosquito lớn, but he has never lost a battle. He somehow achieved this unheard of strength by a relatively simple workout plan of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats & a 10km run every day. Saitama’s world is constantly threatened by a union of monsters that show up lớn wreak havoc. Heroes, sponsored by the corporation Hero Association, are dispatched to lớn deal with the monsters based on threat levels. Saitama has stopped each world-ending threat và done so without much effort. Deeply bored from never meeting a worthy challenger, it took an alien opponent khổng lồ actually provide some exhilaration, requiring more than one of Saitama’s punches khổng lồ defeat. 

One Punch Boros
Goku has suffered defeat occasionally but always bounces bachồng (even from death). He’s fought and defeated a galaxy-conquering alien (twice), tested his strength against the God of Destruction and knocked out a villain who merged with planet Earth. His speed is unmatched và he moves so fast regular human eyes can’t follow. He’s had the capability khổng lồ blow up planets since his 20s and the force of him powering up shook the entire galaxy. Not to lớn mention he’s picked up tricks khổng lồ fight even time dilation & deity-màn chơi strength & speed. But could he beat One-Punch Man? 

In terms of inherent strength, it would appear Goku is stronger. When he turned Super Saiyan 3 to fight Buu at the kết thúc of Dragon Ball Z, the universe started khổng lồ tremble. Goku’s newest khung, Ultra Instinct, ups his tốc độ khổng lồ the point where he can fight opponents who can stop time. Saitama’s full strength has never been shown, but he is at the very least a planet buster. In his fight with the alien Boros, the Earth shook from the force of Saitama’s battle. During his tryouts for the Hero Association, Saitama was fast enough to lớn leave scorch marks in the ground & leaves behind an afterimage when he moves.

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It"s impossible lớn know Saitama"s upper limits just yet, but we do know there are enemies out there who couldn"t be obliterated by one swing, so given the huge damage Goku has taken over his own battles, it"s fair to lớn assume that whether or not One-Punch Man can win, he won"t vày so by living up to lớn his name. That"s important, because both fighters are known for testing what their opponent can bởi vì before over-committing.

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Given Goku"s superior speed, flight, & energy projection, he"s got a lot more options on the table for hurting Saitama once he realizes the strength he"s up against. Just trading punches, it"s a tough call, but One-Punch Man might just come out ahead if he chooses khổng lồ lead with his strongest attacks & over things quickly. With all of their abilities considered, & especially Goku"s speed taken into account, it"s likely Saitama would be the loser. Both characters are planet-destroyingly strong, but it"s worth noting Goku has no trouble with space travel, where One-Punch Man has struggled (though not failed) in similar conditions. Once their powers levels start demolishing the planet around them, Goku remains in his element, while One-Punch Man retains more of his human limits.

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