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Published on: May 4, 2022 | Updated on: February 22, 2023
We have enough trouble trying khổng lồ climb our ways in season 12, so when League of Legends is not opening, we tend to lớn get a bit angry. But be at ease! We’re here lớn discuss why this issue occurs and, more importantly, how you can fix it on your own. When League of Legends is not starting, the problem can be caused by several different factors. And it’s important lớn know how specific files can affect others. But even if you aren’t a tech wizard yourself, we’ll give you simple steps, & you can follow them to resolve this issue.

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That said, let’s take a look at what exactly the “League of Legends not opening” problem is and how you can fix it!

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How to Fix League of Legends Not Opening?
Restart Your Computer
Launch the game from the Installation folder
Close All the Running Applications
Replace the “Projects” folder

How to Fix League of Legends Not Opening?

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that this has already happened khổng lồ you. You click on the LoL icon, & the game never starts, right? You can’t see the client nor the game. And no matter how many minutes you’re waiting, nothing really changes.

So how bởi vì you fix this problem?

Well, because several factors can cause the “League of Legends not opening” issue, there are also multiple ways to resolve it. So let’s start with the simplest one and move down to the more complicated approaches.

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Restart Your Computer

Although the option khổng lồ restart your computer wasn’t invented to solve your League of Legends not starting problem, it really does help.

When you restart your computer, all the temporary data gets deleted. Some of this temporary data might have been corrupted và affecting LoL. This is very common, so it’s best to lớn delete it right away. Restarting your PC also closes all the LoL applications that failed khổng lồ open, so you can start anew.

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Launch the trò chơi from the Installation Folder

In the “Projects” are hidden some files that are required for the game to launch. Repairing them can also solve the “League of Legends not opening” problems for some people.

Open the “RADS” folder inside the game’s installation destination.Cut the “Projects” thư mục and paste it on your desktop.Launch the game via “LeagueClient” and wait for the update lớn start.While the trò chơi is updating, move the “Projects” file back in its original place.Choose to lớn keep the first (the one you replace).The download should kết thúc immediately, & you can start the game.Update Your Graphics card DriverIf none of the solutions we listed above was helpful lớn you, then the problem lies in your graphics card. Most of the time, we forget to lớn update our graphics cards. When the graphics card is out of date, bugs, errors, và problems like this are common. So make sure that your graphic cards are updated and that you’re running the latest driver.If you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card, we heavily suggest you download NVIDIA GeForce Experience. This is NVIDIA’s official software và can be used for free. In addition, you can connect your graphics card to it lớn receive news và driver updates as soon as they’re available. It’s easy to use & very helpful overall.And if you’re running an AMD graphics card, you can simply right-click on your desktop and xuất hiện “AMD Radeon Settings.” Here you can kiểm tra if there are available updates for your graphics card. Everything works automatically, và the only thing you’ll need to bởi is restart your PC after the driver is installed.We hope our solutions helped you fix the “League of Legends not opening” problem!

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