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Over the weekover the League of Legends International Wild Card All-Stars took place in Melbourne, Australia. The competition featured pro esports teams from Turkey, Russia, Japan, Brazil, South East Asia, Latin America, & Oceania vying for a spot at the năm ngoái All-Star Event in Los Angeles.

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The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) team came out on top with more points to secure victory, & earned themselves a spot at the upcoming All-Star Event. The victory was made possible by Mykhailo "" Harmash, who won the 1v1 gr& final và gained 100 points for his region as a result. The CIS team led the score by 10 points in first place, edging out over Turkey.

The Turkish team had won the 5v5 grand final in a convincing 3-1 lead, but none of their players had placed in the top 8 of the 1v1 tournament, thus only earning them 90 points overall.

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The All-Star Event will take place at the North American League of Legends World Championship studio in Los Angeles from December 10-13. The sự kiện is separate to lớn Worlds, with fans voting in five sầu of their favourite players lớn represent each regional team.

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