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Just cause 3 booster explosives

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Get the source code on GitHub. Old source code (pre-rewrite, V2.2) Join my Discord khổng lồ get access to beta releases of my mods or to get tư vấn for my mods About This mod adds a system similar khổng lồ Just Cause 3"s for calling in vehicles to your location. This is of course the Rebel Drop system which functions very simply. All you vì is just select a vehicle in a thực đơn & get it dropped in a shipping crate which is too small for most vehicles but that"s the magic of games. And it"s accurate to lớn how it is in Just Cause so it"s not changing. Requirements LemonUI ScriptHookVDotNet 3.0 or later Installation 1. Ensure you have sầu ScriptHookV .NET and LemonUI installed properly with all their dependencies2. xuất hiện the .rar file3. Put its contents in your scripts folder4. Run your game, you should be able to press the L key khổng lồ open the thực đơn. This key is configurable in the config tệp tin for the gian lận in the JustCauseRebelDrops thư mục ToDo - Fully implement weapon drops- Implement the money feature Changelog Beta 1.0a- Initial Release 1.0- Added a plane lớn drop the cargo crate- Added sound effects- Added custom vehicles- Delayed the crate opening 2.0a- Cleaned up the directories where vehicles and audio are stored- Added the ability khổng lồ have 5 custom categories- Added the ability lớn edit the default categories- Removed Planes, Helicopters, và Sea menus in favor of just one menu for all vehicles- Added the ability lớn rename menus 2.0b- Fixed minor issues with the json generator 2.1a- Cleaned up the code for the mod- Made the menu not open after calling in a rebel drop. This is mostly khổng lồ make the gian lận work with the rockstar editor 2.2a (Made by Jitnaught)- Crate doesn"t open until completely stopped- Particle effects occur when the crate opens- Reducing delay between the vehicle spawning and the crate opening 3.0- Completely rewrote the hack from scratch- Redid the UI- Changed custom vehicles system so you can now have as many vehicles as you want (just create more and more json files in the CustomVehicles folder)- Probably fixed some bugs from the old versions 3.0b- Added missing dependencies 3.1- Added XML support for custom vehicles 4.0- Added weapon drops & custom weapon drops- Ported entire thủ thuật khổng lồ LemonUI Credits Eddlm - Helping me with the plane AIJitnaught - Adding particles, making the crate not open until it is completely stopped, & reducing the delay between crate opening and the vehicle spawning Known bugs - Vehicle sometimes doesn"t spawn after crate disappears ---- (UPDATE) I have sầu not experienced this bug in the rewritten version of the gian lận. May be fixed

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