Kimetsu no yaiba chapter 200 spoiler/discussion thread

This is where you can post & discuss the spoilers for the next chapter of Kimetsu no Yaicha.

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Posting RulesSpoiler threads may be locked until confirmed spoilers are available.Anyone who has found spoilers may PM a Local Moderator for that diễn đàn or a Global Moderator/Administrator lớn unloông chồng the Spoiler Pics & Summaries thread.When posting spoilers, please include said spoiler, link khổng lồ the source & credit them whenever possible(see Formatting Spoilers below); we underst& that some spoilers may be posted anonymously.24 Hour Spoiler enforces a temporary blockade for discussion of new spoilers/chapters outside of chapter threads. This blockade ends 24 hours after an english Edited Manga is publicly released.With consideration for your fellow members, posting discussion regarding a recently released chapter must be kept within tags until 24 hours have sầu passed after the chapter"s release.Please also be considerate when creating discussion threads during this spoiler time. We ask that any posts made within this period be spoiler tagged & that the thread title not be a dead give sầu away to chapter events. The staff team will adjust these threads if and when needed.For series with no forum, tags must be used while the 24 hour rule is enforced.Please wait 24 hours before using art from new chapters in signatures and avatars.Please wait 24 hours before posting any art based on new chapters on the forums.The 24 hour rule will be strictly enforced. This is a courtesy rule. Not every member reads spoilers & not everyone can read new chapters as soon as they are released. We"ve sầu eased up on the rule to allow discussion within spoiler tags, but please be adhere to these. Failure to vị so may result in the removal of your post.

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Spoiler Pics and TranslationsPlease vị not re-post already available spoiler pics or summaries. Cheông xã the thread before posting. Redundant posts will be removed.Please keep in mind that some members have a slow connection or on sản phẩm điện thoại quota, so if there"re several large images, encthảm bại them in spoiler tags for faster rendering of the page.Videos are not a valid khung of chapter/ spoilers, please avoid posting those.Do not significantly edit your post after more posts have been made. Please make a new post if new spoilers are available.Under no circumstance is it acceptable khổng lồ post or link lớn full chapters of official scans (Viz, Kondasha, etc) on the diễn đàn.

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Formatting SpoilersWe ask that proper format is followed, to lớn provide the maximum amount of information & best reading experience. Ensure you are always providing a liên kết lớn the source for your spoilers, as well as crediting the original poster where possible.

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