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To be able to lớn score many goals in FIFA Online 4, there will be basic techniques that players need to master.

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FIFA Online 4 after the waiting period has also launched the player, with the changes of new colors attractive. In this new edition, the trò chơi maker has changed not only the graphics, but also the images & the sound. Graphical Frostbite engine platform brings FIFA Online 4 eye-catching images, vivid, true physical elements.

Especially FIFA Online 4 also owns completely new gameplay, improved chơi game skills. Gamers will be able khổng lồ choose many fast và definite attack methods. And whether you are a novice or experienced FIFA Online player, some basic techniques we should grasp clearly, increase the chances of scoring when playing.

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Scoring tips in FIFA Online 4

1. Stop facing points

When finishing the player face, you need khổng lồ press D for a while to lớn power up, until the player"s foot approaches the ball, press D again lớn finish more effectively. At that time, the foot will have momentum lớn take the ball further.


2. Long-range technique

When shooting as far as the instep, use LT + D (C + D), which means hold down the C key & press the D key to power up. If you are far away, press Z + D.

3. Painting a ball or breaking a ball

When the defender hit the head you should not press the S key repeatedly khổng lồ break the ball but must select the falling point and hold the S. Key tightly.

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4. Over the ball

When the ball approaches the player"s foot, hold down the D key for a while, when the ball hits D again, vì not hold the ball before pressing the D key.


5. Shade

Use LT or C + direction keys for players khổng lồ shade with the back, this helps you better protect the ball.

6. Stroll the ball at the edge

When crossing the ball at the edge, take a diagonal line of about 45 degrees and adjust the direction to lớn knock the ball out for the forward striker (ST) inside.

7. Corner kick

Before we press the C key lớn make a corner, there is a player standing right next to the flagpole. Move the ball khổng lồ that player to go parallel to lớn the opponent"s goal, then press the A key hard lớn increase 70% of the force. At this point the ball will go towards the column of beams và have your player there, press D khổng lồ hit the head.

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8. Kick the pen lớn a high angle


Above are the simple but necessary skills in FIFA Online 4. Please understand the above techniques & apply the match ball of FIFA Online 4 khổng lồ score many goals.

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Hope this article is useful to lớn you!

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