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Just as I thought this is gonna be one boring season, One Punch Man once more managed khổng lồ stir the pot, huzzah.


A redhead rookie is being kicked out from S Class Hero Silferfang’s dojo by Bang, aka Silverfang, himself. He goes to lớn Saitama for advice, but only ends up having a chat with Genos. It’s not like Saitama ever engages with anything anyway… apart from the fact that he was named ‘Bald Cap’, that is. That seems khổng lồ bother hyên ổn. Genos deducts that Bang is probably upset because his ex-student, Garo, is now a master villain.

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On his way baông xã home page, rookie (Charanko) is contemplating whether he could locate and eliminate Garo. Strangely enough, Garo is only down the road, picking a fight with Mumen Rider (haven’t seen that guy in a while) & instead having to deal with the whole Tank-top gang of crappy heroes. One of them is an S Class & Garo is very excited. During their fight, the Tank-top guy seems to lớn be winning, but Mumen gets in his way and stops hyên from finishing Garo off, claiming he is just a guy.

At this point I was like… SERIOUSLY? ARE WE REALLY DOING THIS? You’re all gonmãng cầu die. And so they did. What I mean is, naturally, Garo just kicked their butts off. He used his master’s flowing-water-something technique and ruined them. He even ruined Mumen Rider’s helmet. Charanko also tried lớn fight hlặng và naturally ended up beaten senseless.

Later, Saitama visits Mumen Rider in the hospital to find out what happened lớn hyên. He brings hyên ổn one banamãng cầu. Which he places on his crotch. Not sure why. Then he gives one to lớn Tank-top Master, who is conveniently laying on the next bed. Is this some sort of ancient wounded soldier tradition? Tank-top master spends an adequate amount of time talking about Garo & I’m tired. Mostly cause I know he’ll eventually get his ass kicked anyway. This is One Punch Man we’re watching.

Saitama keeps walking around giving bananas lớn people, this time heading for Charanko, and hoping lớn get some connections in the martial arts world, so he can find a challenging spar. Instead, he ends up with a ticket to a mixed martial arts competition, & the goal khổng lồ win 3 million yen.

In the meantime, Garo challenges Golden Ball, the top A class nhân vật lớn a battle. Golden Ball runs out of ammo, then Spring Mustachio (who I’m sure is French). They both chiến bại, naturally. Then, completely unexpectedly, as Garo walks down the street, Saitama find hyên ổn. OH! He just gets a gentle butt-kiông chồng.

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Episode Highlights

Thank you, Saitama: You know, sometimes I bởi feel like a bad person for forgetting people’s birthdays và general information about their lives, like, you know, their names & stuff. This is one of the reasons why I like Saitama’s character so much. He makes me feel better about my social ineptitudes. MY DYSFUNCTIONAL PERSONALITY TRAITS ARE VALID!

Genos got some new gear: What the hell happened to lớn Genos’ massive sầu hands? They look lượt thích pasta strainers, yuk.

The Tank-top class of heroes: Um. Who are these guys? And why are they wearing tank tops? Who does their hair? How to they classify as anh hùng just by being muscular? How did they survive sầu such a major ass-kicking? Are they completely generic for a reason? So many questions.

Ugly kids: Is there a solid reason why all the children in One Punch Man are so incredibly ugly? Apart from mr. Monobrow in this episode, who can possibly forget the big-chinned brat from the very first episode? I hate kids, so I gotta baông xã this choice.

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Early developments are good for you

I mean, who expected Saitama and Garo to meet so early on?? That’s exciting. Hope their relationship becomes much more than the hero-villain canon. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, YOU.

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