White tile, don't tap it!

What’s that

From Cheetah Mobile, this sequel follows from Don’t Tap The trắng Tile – Piano Tiles as it now introduces well-known songs as stages for players lớn clear. From the previous series, now players have lớn unlock songs as they màn chơi their accounts up, unlocking three songs per level. While some songs have to be bought with gems and in-game currency, gems can be earned through watching advertisement videos.

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How to lớn start

The trò chơi starts off with an introduction video clip to the series và sets you off on the starter song, tapping only on the đen tiles as the tuy vậy plays on. As you proceed through the song, it will continually get faster with every repetition of the song. Players are awarded diamonds và crowns for clearing the song roughly several times in one go, with a single tap on a trắng tile or not tapping the black tile in time will end the trò chơi immediately.

After the first song, players will see the trang chủ screen for the first time with social media leadership board, advertisement video, a daily gift of 10 notes (In-game currency, those yellow music notes that look lượt thích quavers at the đứng top of the home tab, which shall be called notes for further confusion) & followed with songs that can be bought with gems/notes. Occasionally new songs will be released relevant to lớn the current seasons (Chinese New Year, Valentine), và it can be bought with a single gem when on discount during release.

User Interface

At the bottom of the trang chủ screen would be the 4 tabs for players to explore:

Home – Summary of player accountMusic – tuy vậy StagesHall – Challenges (Endless Mode)Setting – Conveniently functions (Inviting friends on social truyền thông media & Feedback), the choice to play the trò chơi in silence (for extra challenge perhaps) & change trò chơi language

Starting off with a song

In the Music Tab, players will observe faded diamonds icons below the tuy nhiên name at first, these show the player’s current completion of the song. Typically songs in Piano Tiles 2 consist of taking only the well-known portion of the song, và are recognized in movements/sections, where generally shorter songs completion are as below (With every end of song the song repeats again faster):

1st Section: 1 Diamond

2nd Section : 2 Diamonds

Last Section (End of song): 3 Diamonds

1st half of song: 1 Crown

2nd Half of Song(End of song): 2 Crowns

Complete whole tuy vậy (End of song): 3 Crowns

Some other songs that are feature the longer parts of the tuy vậy might have different completion requirement:

Completion of tuy nhiên 1st time (End of song): 3 Diamonds

Completion of song 2nd time (End of song): 3 Crowns

Endless Tiles Trigger

If you are playing in a song and manage lớn get the 3 diamonds, some songs will break for a moment for a ‘bonus stage‘ where a barrage of yellow tiles will rampage down, tapping one yellow tile gives you one note which can be used to buy lives và songs. There is absolutely no penalty for missing the yellow tiles, so free feel khổng lồ take a break during that time or use the chance khổng lồ earn some notes.

After which while you embark on the next part of the song for the 3 crowns, yellow tiles (notes) and red tiles (heart/lives) will start to appear with the song’s usual đen tiles. Missing them during the tuy nhiên is also fine, however getting the red heart tile will replace the heart used for the song, thereby making it a free play. In fact, at the faster songs behind these tiles will probably start to distract/tempt you from your original goal.

Hall Challenges

An endless medley of songs picked from the library of music thrown into a speed challenge, the choice of songs does not change though. This challenge does cost 2 hearts as compared khổng lồ the usual 1 heart per song, getting the high score here or even beating the global high score gives bragging rights.

How khổng lồ pause in game

That’s a good question, sorry we’re still finding that out too.

There is a wikia (http://piano-tiles.wikia.com/wiki/Piano_Tiles_2) with the detailed analysis of the songs over there, which contains the exact portion the tuy vậy is game clipped out và right down to lớn the music technical details. Cheers khổng lồ the folks there, for the wonderful detail and effort.

How to lớn play

Music-Genre Veterans

Would find this trò chơi similar lớn other music-rhythm games lượt thích tap tap revenge, O2JAM and DJMax. Probably the only difference to highlight here is that with the lack of the judgement line at the bottom, players can now tap incoming tiles much earlier without regard to lớn the music.

In fact, while players are tapping the main melody out, the accompanying music (BGM, side instruments) will be played along when the players hits the đen tiles. So tapping too far out và waiting for more tiles to lớn appear in a batch will left you with an awkward silence.

Tile Pattern

While the tuy nhiên is fixed and the number of tiles is constant, which lane they appear on is different every time however the pattern is the same. This means that if the tiles alternate on the left most lanes, it might reappear the next time on the right most lanes instead.

Sliding from tile khổng lồ tile

Not sure if this is an official decision made by the developers or simply a bug, but tapping & holding then sliding lớn tiles is possible, albeit adjacent tiles will pass much easier than tiles further apart. However sliding lớn tile further away may not be recognised properly and you’ll still miss the tile and lose the game. Not Advisable but looks cool

Playing at faster speeds

Most players have trouble looking at the tiles when it’s going faster, a tip from us is lớn try and focus your vision only on your score instead of the tiles. Then using by following the rhythm of the tuy vậy tap at the bottom screen at a common place (Like 2-3 fingers spacing from the bottom of your screen or wherever comfortable). That side, memorising how to song will definitely help since you can predict the tiles coming after as it follows a pattern of the song.

For players that have trouble with alternating tiles (like those tiles that repeat on furthest two lanes on the left or right), you can stretch your finger over to help the weaker finger. If the tiles were coming on the left most two lanes, the left (weaker) finger takes the left most lane and the right (stronger) finger stretches over lớn take the 2nd left most lane. Takes some adjusting to lớn this pattern và that if your device screen isn’t too big lớn stretch over.

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Holding Tiles

Just for a friendly reminder for those players aren’t aware that letting go of the holding tile halfway through does not result you losing immediately, you will earn score according to how long you held the note. With the shortest holding tile so far worth 3 points, and tapping a holding tile gets you 1 point.

Spam tap blocks

Some songs will feature a big black tile going down the middle two lines with a trắng number on it, tapping the block once will reduce the number once. As such you have khổng lồ tap accurately the number of on the block, & continue the tuy vậy immediately after. Tapping an extra time might result in a click on a trắng tile , losing the game.

One finger challenge

If the trò chơi is just not hard enough, playing with one finger should bởi vì just the thing then. We actually do this to familiarise our dominant finger lớn stretch over to the further two lanes for when we are playing for high score (with two fingers)

Using a bigger screen

Would solve a lot of problems as you can bring more fingers or more hands khổng lồ the table, having one friend per lane is rather a kiểm tra of teamwork as compared to lớn a test of reflex.

How was it

Piano Tiles 2 is definitely a classic game to recommend to commuters & hardcore music genre players have on their phones, a great way to spend time the time to work or with friends.


The choice of classical và well-known music makes it easy for anyone to lớn pick up the game and enjoy, justifies the endless tapping and draining of battery just lớn get a high score.

Adding slight variation lớn the tiles with holding & spamming blocks, it brings a whole new difficulty and game play to the game as compared lớn just plain tapping.


As the title goes, Piano Tiles 2 does make you feel lượt thích your playing a real piano tuy vậy with the music tied lớn the tiles.

With a little grind to get from one cấp độ to another, players are limited to the songs currently mở cửa to them. Gems và notes are easy to obtain however the price of unlocking a new tuy nhiên is far too expensive for players lớn buy songs on a whim, while scrolling through the tuy nhiên list, it is possible lớn buy a tuy vậy by accident as well (be careful).

Perhaps by the decision of the developers to drop the idea of having a pause button in game, that players might take advantage of it khổng lồ cheat, will make players consider when to lớn start a game. Having an itch on the nose or an annoying fly around you makes this trò chơi eligible for the kiểm tra of reflex & endurance.

What we thought


The sudden need to move and pause the trò chơi for awhile but unable khổng lồ leads lớn a lifetime regret of nearly overtaking the leadership board

In-Game Music Player

Be good khổng lồ have as well, so we can easily listen to lớn the music without playing the actual game, or for us to listen in advance to familiarise ourself with the tempo and rhythm.

Some way khổng lồ jump start lớn certain parts of the song

Like to fast forward to lớn the 2nd đá quí or the 3rd crown, veteran players might want khổng lồ skip the front part, or for other players who enjoy certain parts of the song.

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Got tricks và tips to share? mô tả with us below và join us in protesting for a pause button.

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