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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a multi-platsize video clip game produced by Ubisoft, which was released on May 18, 2010, in North America và on May 20 in Europe. The games mark a return to lớn the storyline started by Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the title of four separate games with different storylines. It was released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintenbởi vì DS, and Microsoft Windows, và is currently the last Prince of Persia game khổng lồ be available on a home đoạn phim game system, as no further titles were released on the next generation of đoạn phim game systems that followed.

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The PlayStation Portable & Wii versions were developed by Ubisoft Quebec; the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows versions were handled by Ubisoft Montreal with the help of Ubisoft Singapore; và the Nintenvị DS version was made at Casablanca.


The Prince is riding through a desert on his horse, on a quest to see his brother, Malik, and learn about leadership from hyên. When the Prince arrives at Malik"s kingdom, he finds it under attaông xã by an army which is attempting khổng lồ breach the treasure vaults for a great power known as "Solomon"s Army". The Prince charges in lớn the đô thị, & tracks Malik lớn the treasure vaults. Here, Malik says that he is fighting a losing battle và proposes to lớn rely on a last resort or be forced to retreat. The Prince strongly objects, but Malik releases Solomon"s Army using a magical seal. Solomon"s Army is an assortment of different creatures, all made of s&. The Prince & Malik both manage to obtain halves of the seal used lớn keep the army contained, protecting them from being turned inkhổng lồ s& statues, which is the fate of the rest of the kingdom.

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Malik is separated from the Prince, who finds a portal to the tên miền of Razia, a Djinn of the Marid race. Razia tells the Prince that the only way khổng lồ re-imprison Solomon"s Army is khổng lồ reunite both halves of the seal. Razia gives the Prince special powers and sends hyên ổn to find Malik, and the other half of the seal. When the Prince finds Malik, he is not interested in stopping Solomon"s Army, but instead wants to lớn destroy it and use its power to become a more powerful leader. This is explained by Razia: whereas the Prince is using the power gifted lớn hyên ổn by Razia, Malik is using power taken directly from those he defeats. The Army"s svà is gradually affecting his mind, making him susceptible lớn Ratash"s influence. The Prince again sets out to lớn find Malik, but this time lớn forcibly take his half of the seal. When he finds hlặng, Malik is stronger and manages lớn escape. Pursuing Malik again, the Prince finds Ratash, Ifrit leader of the Army, searching for the seal. After the Prince outruns him, he concludes Ratash must now be chasing Malik, and so sets out to aid hyên. The Prince arrives in the throne room to find Malik & Ratash fighting, và he sida Malik. The Prince và Malik seem khổng lồ kill Ratash, và Malik absorbs his power, shattering his half of the seal. Malik then runs off, seemingly in a hysterical fit, using some of Ratash"s powers lớn escape.

The Prince pursues hyên ổn, và again finds Razia. Razia explains that Ratash cannot be killed by any ordinary sword, & that what actually happened was quite different from what the Prince saw: Ratash has actually killed Malik, and possessed his body. The Prince doesn"t believe this, và sets out to find the Djinn Sword, hidden in the ancient đô thị of Rekem, which Razia says can kill Ratash. Along the way, the Prince chases Malik, now being used by Ratash to lớn retake the Ifrit"s original size. The Prince loses a battle to lớn Ratash và, convinced his brother is truly dead, finds the Djinn Sword. Razia soon bonds with the sword, giving it the power needed to lớn destroy Ratash. The Prince again searches for Ratash. When he finds him, Ratash is now gigantic, literally fed by the sandstorm which has come over the palace. The Prince uses the sword khổng lồ kill Ratash, và, when the sandstorm subsides, he finds Malik dying. Malik says to lớn tell their father that Prince will be as mighty a leader as Solotháng, then dies. In an epilogue, the Prince tells of how he took the sword bachồng to Rekem, where he thought Razia would want khổng lồ rest, and how he must now phối out lớn inform his father of Malik"s death.

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