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I have sầu no idea how the next season will over up being but this was a good enough ending for me. Just like with Game of Thrones you can just pretend the last bit never existed.

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Honestly I'm nội dung with this ending. If the ending is as bad as I've heard i don't wanna see it.

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màn chơi 1
· 1y

One thing I'll miss about this show is when the biggest drama was surviving the school's harsh expectations & facing your rivals. This is the kind of show that never needed villains, only challenges to overcome. Erina could have sầu been stuông chồng up just because she has the skill to lớn bachồng it up. There didn't need khổng lồ be some evil genius behind everything.

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https://myanimedanh mụ

This is it. I couldn't exactly put my finger on what went so wrong with the show for me after Azamày was introduced, but this is it. I completely agree with you, I loved the show up to the festival arc, & while I've sầu enjoyed the Central arc for what it is, it definitely isn't anywhere near as good as what the show was before.

I'm sort of glad there was at least an evil genius behind Erimãng cầu, though. My god, I absolutely despised her before we learned what Azamày did. I got lớn like her after everything that happened but every second she was on screen was torture for me before that.

màn chơi 2
· 1y

The execution wasn't great, but I think Azamày fits very well inkhổng lồ the show. What I liked about the start of Shokugeki no Soma was that battles weren't just battles, the characters(& the audience) always came out learning something new about the world of cooking in the show.

Azami is basically a challenge to lớn that entire format. He believed that learning this way was cruel, và that people should just be given the answers he believed were correct. Joichiro wouldn't have sầu had so much pressure placed on hyên if that happened.

You could argue that he was forshadowed when Isshiki said that people disliked Soma because he reminded them of their shortcomings. Azami was an easy way out for people Totsuki would otherwise cull. There was a lot of potential in this arc, but a lot of it was wasted due to lớn the rush lớn have a quick resolution.

If they had spent some time on the characters & shown their struggle with the ideas of Central, then it could have sầu been a much better story since we would have sầu a much clearer idea of the stakes involved.

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I think that there was something there, but it's the shoddy execution that ruined it.

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