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The word bánh mì means bread in Vietnamese. Bánh mì Thịt (bread và meat) refers khổng lồ a kind of sandwich that is served at every street corner in Vietnam. The traditional bánh mỳ (#1 Cold Cut Sanwich) is made with a light & crispy baguette (bánh mì), fresh mayonnaise (bơ trứng gà) made in house, liver pate (pate gan), steamed pork roll in banana leaves (chả lụa), Vietnamese style pork đắm đuối (thịt nguội), crispy cucumber, zesty cilantro, và pickled carrot & daikon strips (đồ chua). At The bánh mỳ Shop, we offer a variety of bánh mỳ in addition to lớn the traditional Cold Cuts. From sweet & savory lemongrass grilled pork, crispy pork belly, flavorful shredded chicken, khổng lồ teriyaki tofu, each sandwich is crafted just for you!

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Since the day we opened our door on November 16th, 2017, we commited khổng lồ provide the most authentic experience possible to our guests. Our Vietnamese baguettes are made fresh in house everyday using a traditional recipe. Our house mayonnaise is crafted in small batches. We hand wash, peel, and shred our daikon & carrots before pickling them in a sweet và sour vinegar solution. We slice & marinade our pork with fresh garlic & lemongrass. Every ingredient that goes into our bánh mỳ is carefully prepared khổng lồ take you right back khổng lồ the busy streets of Vietnam in just one bite!
Bánh Mì Grilled Beef Patty ﹠ Fruity Boba Drinks

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One of Chloe Tran’s fondest memories was riding on the back of her mother’s motorcycle, while drinking a cup of boba tea as they traveled the streets of Saigon. It was just a sweetened black tea, shaken with some ice, và served with chewy tapioca pearls. The cold drink tasted especially delicious in the heat of Saigon. Although bubble tea is originated in Taiwain, it became one of the most popular drinks in Vietnam. At The bánh mì Shop, you will find a wide variety of Bubble Tea and Specialty drinks. We carry traditional Taiwanese drinks such as black Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, & Mango black Tea. We also serve authentic Vietnamese offerings such as the creamy & strong Vietnamese Condensed Milk Coffee, bright and sweet Tropical Paradise (trà đào cam sả), & the Avocado Smoothie (sinh tố bơ).

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In addtion to lớn our committment khổng lồ the authentic Bánh Mì, we are also tea enthusiasts. That is why we use high unique tea leaves from Adagio for many of our drinks. Our love for their tea prompted us to lớn serve freshly brewed loose leaf teas in our shop. Now you can grab 3 oz bags of Adagio Tea and other accessories from our shop. Whether it's ceremonial matcha from Uji, Japan, Jasmine Tea from China, or a variety of Herbal teas, you can find your favorite blends, as well as other seasonal specialty teas. We also carry Bumblers, the best kind of Reusable Cup for Boba Tea. Check out our Merchandise selection!

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