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Both Dota 2 and League of Legends are games with quite a bit of history behind them. Let’s take a look at both franchises and compare where they are similar & how they (wildly) differ.

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Two teams of five players who compete on a map containing three lanes. Their goal is to lớn destroy their opponents base by working their way through the twenty two towers that are placed on the bản đồ. They bởi vì this by each controlling a character selected at the start game. A character who grows stronger by collecting gold và experience on said map. What game am I talking about here, League of Legends or Dota 2? From an outside perspective sầu these games may seem very similar but any người of these games will tell you they are very different. Yet, what exactly differentiates these games from each other?

Similar in source

To understvà the differences between these games we first need lớn go back all the way to the beginning. So we can understand why, on a base màn chơi, these games seem so similar. We need to lớn go baông xã to the origin of two of the biggest chienquoc.com.vn games in our current time. We need lớn go baông chồng lớn a Warcraft 3 mod called Dota Allstars.


Inspired by the less popular starcraft thủ thuật Aeons of Strife, Dota Allstars quickly became one of Warcraft 3’s most popular mods. As its popularity kept growing so did the tension within the development team of the gian lận. One day a developer by the name of Guinsoo left the team lớn take a job at a company called Riot Games, leaving the development of Dota Allstars to lớn a person with the name Icefrog while Guinsoo would develop his own version of Dota Allstars with the name League of Legends. Icefrog would eventually receive sầu an offer from Valve sầu khổng lồ develop the game Dota 2, making it so that from their comtháng ancestor of Dota Allstars, two new games were born, shaking up the world of gaming in their own quality way.

Strategy versus Tactics

We will start off by pointing out one of the most comtháng oversights people make when talking about these games. It is about what genre these games belong lớn. For League of Legends it is easy as most people would say it is a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. A term Riot Games themselves coined to lớn describe their game. Valve has never actually described their game with the term MOBA, instead opting lớn use terms lượt thích ARTS (Action Real Time Strategy). Nowadays the term MOBA seems khổng lồ have sầu won the culture war, and most people would Gọi both games a MOBA. Don’t be surprised however if an old school Dota 2 player gets cross with you for calling their game a MOBA. You’ve been warned.

Nice dev post about how our VGU strategy has evolved. Focusing on respecting the old mains over max popularity.

Not every champ in league should be the most popular, and building distinct identities lets every champ have longer term dedicated mains. https://t.co/gk3olocBsW

— Mark Yetter (
MarkYetter) January 28, 2021

Looking at these two genre names we can already identify a big difference between both developers and how they see these games. Where the term ARTS tells us that Dota 2 is supposed lớn be a game where strategy is very important. The term MOBA that League of Legends uses hints towards a game more focused on the concept of tactics instead. While a lot of people would use Strategy và Tactics interchangeably, there is a big difference.

Strategy defines your long-term goals & how you’re planning khổng lồ achieve sầu them. In the game of Dota 2 this means that planning ahead & predicting your opponents long term goals is the key to lớn winning the game. Due to lớn different items, heroes and skills countering each other in a very direct sense it is strategy that can win you the game. If you can predict your opponent is about to build a Butterfly, an vật phẩm granting them evasion, you can gain a giant advantage by building a Monkey King Bar yourself so you will have the true strike lớn overcome this evasion.


Take a closer look at
TeamLiquidLoL‘s 2018 #NALCS Summer Finals victory against Cloud9! pic.twitter.com/XrYu2Jnhrk

— LoL chienquoc.com.vn (
lolchienquoc.com.vn) September 11, 2018

Tactics on the other h& are much more concrete and are often oriented toward smaller steps and a shorter time frame in which you exexinh tươi them. Being able to make smart và fast tactical decisions is the key lớn success in League of Legends. Instead of predicting long term decision making, the act of predicting where the next skillshot is going to l& is of much more importance. All while the kind of items you can buy in League of Legends are way more about generic stat increases, not necessarily countering each other as hard.

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The Hero and the Champion

Looking at it from a surface màn chơi, one might think Champions and Heroes are basically the same. But In reality Heroes & Champions have a radically different thiết kế philosophy behind them. While Icefrog’s kiến thiết philosophy of his heroes are guided by the idea of, “If everything is overpowered, nothing is overpowered”. League of Legends’s Champion kiến thiết is all centred about the idea of counterplay.

Sing along, everyone! …or into lớn the lantern with you.

“Ah, the sweet tones of misery.” pic.twitter.com/lv4CiNsJdY

— League of Legends (
LeagueOfLegends) January 23, 2021

Dota 2 heroes tover lớn have sầu one role they excel immensely at, while being really bad at a lot of other things. A anh hùng like Zues for example can giảm giá crazy amounts of magical damage, since literally all his spells are focused on this goal. Arc lightning for AOE damage, Lightning bolt for single target damage & a passive that increases the damage of all his other skills. Pair this with an Ultimate dealing massive magical damage khổng lồ every enemy on the bản đồ, instantly. The big drawback however is that this hero lacks any defensive tool, so a anh hùng who is really good at catching people, lượt thích clockwork, can destroy a Zues with ease.

Head over to lớn the Mistwoods Update page lớn learn all about our newest nhân vật, Hoodwink, & the trove of all-new powers that Aghanim’s magnanimity has bestowed upon us all. https://t.co/8KsoSoy0oz pic.twitter.com/hknozouC7q

— DOTA 2 (
DOTA2) December 17, 2020

League of Legends’s Champions on the other h& tover lớn be a lot more versatile. Since at the core of riot’s champion design is this concept of counterplay, this means that whatever the matchup is you are in, there should always be an option for the player lớn instantly counterplay it. This is the reason that many Champions tover to lớn have dash or shield based abilities. So that you always have sầu a way to counterplay that very dangerous skillshot Morgamãng cầu is about lớn throw out. The high amount of skillshots in the game is evidence of this, since every skillshot could be counterplayed by simply sidestepping it.

Mamãng cầu Burn & Anti-Fun

“A Dota 2 player and a League of Legends player meet in a bar. The Dota 2 player says that League of Legends sucks. The League of Legends player couldn’t deny it.” This might be one of the most classic jokes Dota 2 players make about League of Legends players, since an essential mechanic (Denying) that the original Dota allstars had, is not present in League of Legends, while it still is an essential part of Dota 2. Denying gives players the ability khổng lồ last hit their own creeps, preventing their opponents from getting these coveted last hits and its monetary reward. Denying a creep even makes your opponent receive sầu less exp from than what they would have received if it died normally or if they last hitted it themselves. A mechanic that League of Legends designers deemed anti-fun, và therefore didn’t include in their version of Dota Allstars.

This concept of anti-fun is something very important to lớn the League of Legends design team. Old school League of Legends players might rethành viên that the thắng lợi Wit’s End used to have sầu a mana burn mechanic. This got removed since the designers said that it was anti-fun & didn’t have counterplay. They want the player to lớn feel like they always have options, and not having any mana so you can’t use your spells, tends lớn limit these options. This also explains why crowd control like stuns and silences tend to have a way lower duration in League of Legends as opposed khổng lồ Dota 2. Since having your ability khổng lồ play the game taken away is pretty anti-fun, even if it’s only for a few seconds.

Dota 2 on the other h& seems lớn care way less about the core idea of anti-fun. One of it’s most iconic heroes, Anti-Mage even has it as a nickname. While his core kiến thiết has practically stayed the same ever since the nhân vật was introduced during Dota 2’s alpha stage, mamãng cầu burn is one of the most important mechanics the anh hùng brings lớn the table. Instead of looking from the perspective of the victyên khổng lồ abilities, Icefrog designs the game from the perspective of the user of these abilities, & how to lớn make it fun for them. Getting your own mana burned might be the worst, but no dota player can deny the joy of blowing up a mana burned storm spirit with their mamãng cầu void.

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Broad strokes

We have learned a lot about how these games differentiate from each other on a mechanical cấp độ, but in reality we have sầu merely scratched the surface of the differences between the games. And we haven’t even talked about how things lượt thích the community & the chienquoc.com.vn scenes are wildly different from each other. Both games have sầu their pro’s & con’s. Both games are amazing games in their own right, so give sầu both games a try, see what you like best, and rethành viên. different strokes for the different folks. So none of these two games is inherently better than the other.

Which one of the two bởi vì you prefer? Join the discussion on social media or ourDiscord!

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