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Prediction for Solo Leveling chapter 127, chapter 126 summary: Thinking everything was over after defeating all the stone statues, the beer wielding revealed that he was the Designer of Jin’s promotion system. Woo.Will he be able lớn kill hlặng in 10 minutes and escape death?

At the Hunter Association office, Matsumoto was talking khổng lồ President Go Gun Hee.They are willing lớn give up the ownership of magic stones in Jeju, in exchange for hiring hunter Sung Jin Woo.Go Gun Hee laughed and said, “Jin Woo doesn’t belong to the Hunter Association”.

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Go Gun Hee continued to lớn have sầu a candid conversation with Matsumokhổng lồ.The president of the Korean Hunter Association soon discovered Matsumoto’s nefarious scheme during the conquest of Jeju Island.He threatened the Japanese representative not to play any more mèo games if he did not want to become a national criminal.

Inside the double dungeon, Jin Woo is fighting with all his might.His “Ruler Hand” skill has been upgraded lớn “Ruler Power” to make him somewhat easier to breathe.Jin Woo realizes that the statue of the king is an enemy that should be given top priority.He rushed toward hyên and then used his knife to slash the statue repeatedly.

However, the attaông chồng was of little effect.Angry, Jin Woo switched to lớn punching hands.He regained strength, punched the statue’s face, making his face spin like a record.Jin Woo continued to punch.After much effort, the statue of the king finally collapsed.

The other statues that rushed to attaông chồng were crushed by Jin Woo using “The Power nguồn of Ruler”.This new skill is just too powerful và suitable for a fight like this.Everything seemed to lớn be done, the statue holding the stele revealed its original form.He is the final trùm of this dungeon.If you don’t beat him in 10 minutes, Jin Woo will die.

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On the final page, the statue reveals it is the creator of the system.He is the Designer of Jin Woo’s promotion ability.

Prediction for spoiler Solo Leveling chap 127

If according to the Designer, every leveling up, all Jin Woo’s skills come from one power.That was definitely the power of the “dark emperor”.The reason the Designer created this king’s promotion system was probably for hyên to choose a new body toàn thân for hyên ổn.

There are still a lot of unsolved mysteries but Jin Woo has absolutely no time for it.You need to beat that guy in 10 minutes if you don’t want to lớn die.The Designer is very cunning, he must have sầu calculated very carefully khổng lồ be able to destroy Jin Woo.In other words, the Designer himself confidently could hold Jin Woo for 10 minutes.

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Release time Solo Leveling chapter 127

Solo Leveling chapter 127 is scheduled khổng lồ releaseon November 11.Information spoiler prediction will be updated in the shorkiểm tra time.

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