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Greademo Sword of the World No. 1 Vietnamtrò chơi mobile The Best Swordsman 2021Adapted from the work of writer Kyên Dung, the name Tan Anh Hung Xa Dieu 2021 is sure khổng lồ be a guarantee - guarantee of attraction with a series of attractive features. Combining cleverly with the hot survival factors, Tan Anh Hung Xa Dieu 2021 is truly the most novel và unique "Sword for survival" game on Mobile the sword world of Tan Anh Hung Xa Dieu 2021, the hero will join the four great sects with extremely attractive sầu breakthrough gameplay such as: U cup of the opposite, Secret of birth, Hero of the tower, Shimmering Tower ...# U Coc Squad Battle Field #For couples in the game, this is a 2vs2 team PK khung. The fiancee will receive sầu special tư vấn from the new Hero of the Condor Heroes 2021 by buffing greater power than the normal squad. And the reward after the unanimous battles, that is the huge amount of resources to lớn tăng cấp the of the "Ring" possesses.#PK Survival Secret Canh Cau Sinh #Survival PK form 1vs30 is simulated almost like the hot survival games on the market today. Bi Canh Cau Sinc also has a survival mechanism and fighting to lớn reach the Top 1 position full of arrogance.# Lightning Radio Hero - Single War khổng lồ Hegemony #PK activity is similar khổng lồ U Coc Doi Canh, but the is that players can only fight alone without the of their other teammates. Going through tough matches khổng lồ contkết thúc for the position of Hegemony is the way to lớn win. And also for that reason that Lei Dai Tnhãi con Hung was to by gamers as a "Hoa Son Luan Kiem" session in the pages of the late writer Kyên Dung.#Launch Tower - Pet Battles #No longer a battle gamers, Linch Lung Thap mix up khổng lồ sover pets into the field from the previous activities. Linh Lung Tower is the fastest way for players to compete with their pet training skills.#Bang Server - Ultimate guild battlefield #Linking the servers together lớn fight for the quality Hegemony is the greademo aspiration of any game thủ.

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The size of fighting is based on stealing the flag, transporting supplies to the final destination. However, on the way of moving, there will be sure to meet the "interception" of other states. Because of this, the battles of Bang Server became difficult & difficult lớn pile up.#Knhì Phong Thanh hao - Manual or Manual, which is the right choice #This is a battle taking place the factions. participating in activities, the two opposing factions will be divided inlớn the successful faction or the faction. The faction will be admitted to two allies with a maximum tư vấn of 15 people per state. The will only choose 1 alliance và are forced lớn stay in the position waiting for the fierce attacks of the state.In particular, the public faction in addition khổng lồ breaking the citadel also has the task of destroying 3 resources of the state capital to meet the of the Knhị Phong Tkhô nóng activity. During the time lớn specify which side is successful or successful, you will receive a series of attractive rewards.Along with countless attractive sầu activities above sầu, Tan Anh Hung 2021 also continuously updates new features lớn not make gamers feel bored. It stimulates the unceasing discovery & creation of his own playing style, which is:- xuất hiện limit level lớn 199.- The system of upgrading và fostering wedding rings, increasing the fighting force constantly couples- Ngu Linc System - Increases direct combat power và attributes for the character playing.- The new mount is super cool & awesome.- Fashion glitter attracts the eyes of millions of gamers.


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