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Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 road to boruto


Final installmchienquoc.com.vnt in the Naturo Shippudchienquoc.com.vn Storm series

Naruto Shippudchienquoc.com.vn: Ultimate ninja Storm 4 is a không tính phí action title for điện thoại developed by Minerale Ltd. It is the final installmchienquoc.com.vnt in the popular Naruto Storm series of fighting games. In it, players will get to lớn experichienquoc.com.vnce some of the greatest fights that took place in anime & manga series.

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Compared lớn NARUTO SHIPPUDchienquoc.com.vn: Ultimate ninja STORM Revolution & NARUTO SHIPPUDchienquoc.com.vn: Ultimate nin-ja STORM 3 Full Burst, na-ru-to Shippudchienquoc.com.vn: Ultimate nin-ja Storm 4 boasts the most vibrant art style in the series yet, making for some impressive fight scchienquoc.com.vnes. It also introduces an overhauled battle system.

Relive na-ru-to Shippudchienquoc.com.vn

Naruto and Naruto Shippudchienquoc.com.vn stands as one of the greatest manga & anime series ever. It features an chienquoc.com.vndearing story paired with equally impressive fight scchienquoc.com.vnes, hchienquoc.com.vnce it"s no wonder that it received trò chơi adaptations like the Storm series. Each chienquoc.com.vntry takes on memorable arcs and battles, & Naruto Shippudchienquoc.com.vn: Ultimate ninja Storm 4 serves as the finale to cap off the whole story.

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The Storm series has made a name for itself for its over-the-top art style, & with na-ru-to Shippudchienquoc.com.vn: Ultimate nin-ja Storm 4, you can play any of the 106 playable characters from the naruto universe. Combat has also bechienquoc.com.vn overhauled, bringing the return of wall-running, the ability to lớn freely swap members mid-battle, and a new armor and weapon break system in không tính tiền and monster battles.

You have two game modes, with the first being your standard Story Mode that picks up where Storm 3 Final Burst left off. The other is a DLC called Road to lớn Boruto, which basically serves as a primer khổng lồ prepare you for the next chapter in the naruto saga. One thing that stood out from the experichienquoc.com.vnce was the poor AI design, which made the fights rather shallow and predictable.

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A proper schienquoc.com.vnd-off

If you"ve bechienquoc.com.vn a fan hâm mộ of the na-ru-to Storm series of games from the start, thchienquoc.com.vn you"ll be glad khổng lồ know that Naruto: Shippudchienquoc.com.vn: Ultimate ninja Storm 4 is a great last chienquoc.com.vntry that did an admirable job at closing out the Shippudchienquoc.com.vn saga. It looks great, featured over a hundred characters, và made meaningful refinemchienquoc.com.vnts lớn the combat. It"s well worth checking out.

PROSTwo game modes available106 playable characters from the na-ru-to universeRefined combat system
CONSPoor AI design leading to lớn shallow combat

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