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The bots for posts on this sub count episode continuously from previous seasons. The first episode of season two will be the 25th episode overall for the anime. So the episode counts on here for sequels constantly go up rather than resetting baông xã lớn 1.


Really great second season overall, & a fantastic ending too. S1 wasn't my favorite thing in the world, but I'm really glad I caught up because S2 was great throughout. The part where Spoilers was one of my favorite bits of any show I've seen recently. I'm glad it competed with Stone và Neverlvà so well, even winning some weeks, it certainly deserved it.

I'm glad it competed with Stone và Neverlvà so well, even winning some weeks, it certainly deserved it.

Why are you mentioning shows from previous seasons while we currently are at the end of September?

They did not. Season 2 starts 1/12, not today. (from official channel webpage)

Meaning, we have not actually started the season yet. This is a recap lớn catch people up a week before the season begins.

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Wait what? Season 2 Episode 24.9? O_O

Had a quiông xã sklặng and it looks lượt thích it's just a recap/refresher of the events of Season 1 while introducing this new character named Hinata Sakaguchi.

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