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Problem after problem keep piling up for Rick Grimes và the gang in The Walking Dead season 6, và it's making for great TV...

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It’s been probably a month since Glenn “died” in universe terms, but thankfully, the episode ends that question immediately, picking up where the hint of Glenn’s voice at the kết thúc of Always Accountable and giving us exactly what those of us who expected the show to lớn weasel out of killing him expected. Glenn is covered in Nicholas’s body and he skitters under the world’s tallest dumpster to lớn avoid certain death at the hands of the horde, và he lays there for three days (or more) until the zombies wander off.

After the outburst of shocked emotion at Glenn’s faked death, it seems very manipulative for the show to bring him back like this, và it also strains belief that anyone, no matter how emaciated by bad canned goods and lots of cardio, could squeeze under a rubbish bin.

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However—and I say this with a very heavy sigh—this is a show where people survive impossible odds all the time & where other people die khổng lồ the dumbest situations imaginable. Tyreese waded into a crowd of walkers with nothing but a hammer and walked out alive. Rick’s survived everything thus far, too. Daryl has fandom armour. Glenn was vulnerable, Glenn by all rights shouldn’t have logically gotten out of that situation alive, & yet… I’m not as angry about it as I thought I would be about it. I guess I expected it to happen the entire time. Part of the reason is probably how good Glenn’s scenes are with Enid, but most of it is probably just because I think that’s how everyone expected it to lớn play out.

I wish I was more disappointed about Glenn’s return. I’ve complained a lot about it khổng lồ friends & family and people that watch the show that bringing Glenn back would be the biggest cop-out in the show’s history, and yet… I can’t be mad. I love the actor & I love the character (his scenes with Enid are great, both tense & funny), and while I want to be upset, I can’t. I’m just happy Glenn is back & ready to save the day yet again.

Read Ron’s reviews of the previous episode, Always Accountable, here.

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US Correspondent Ron Hogan is ready to end Glenn Watch 2015, but he’s not in charge of The Walking Dead, so he can’t stop them from dragging Glenn’s fate out for yet another week. Find more by Ron daily at Shaktronics và PopFi.


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