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Sunday night"s episode ofThe Walking Deadwas much better than the steaming pile of garbage served up to lớn us last week.

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The episode wasn"t perfect, but as far as Season 8 goes it was one of the stronger ones. Some good mystery helped keep things interesting, và we even got some interesting character building moments.

Let"s take a look at what worked first before moving on the the inevitable bad bits.

(You can read last week"s review here.)

The Good

I enjoyed Carol (Melissa McBride) this episode. She went from her typical fatalist self around kids, khổng lồ discovering that hopes aren"t always dashed. She had a nice moment with Ezekiel (Khary Payton) though I still feel lượt thích any conversation with the king is undermined by his Shakespearean affectations at this point. I wish they would find some way to have him drop the act once and for all. I think we"d have a much stronger, more interesting character on our hands.

I also thought the bit where the Saviors let Rick (Andrew Lincoln) và Morgan (Lennie James) go was interesting. I was surprised that Rick lied, though maybe I shouldn"t have been. I also thought it was incredibly vile of him to lớn kill the men who had just saved his lifebefore turning lớn Morgan andasking him why he saved his life years earlier, the irony of what he"d just done apparently not registering. Truly, this is how sociopaths and killers operate, not heroes.

My immediate thought was that if this had been Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tied up by Rick"s people and they let him go, he wouldn"t have turned on them lượt thích that. In some ways, Rick has become one of the worst characters on this show, a remorseless killer & a man who"s word, we discover, means nothing at all.

A man"s word,he tells his Savior captors,that"s still gotta mean something.Hence the title of the episode. The only other person khổng lồ make a promise this evening was Negan, who promised Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) that if he let her go he"d make things rightby presumably killing Simon (Steven Ogg.) One imagines he will keep his promise, unlike Rick. Negan is a bad dude, but he does keep his word.

I"m not sad to see Jared (the long-haired Savior who killed Henry"s brother) dead, & he got a fittingly gruesome death. But I feel bad for the other Saviors, và I think Rick the Prick is a very appropriate nickname for him at this point. Negan may not be a good guy, but he really does think of people as a resource, & Rick is foolish not to vày the same. He"s breaking bad again. (I used khổng lồ think he"d become the show"s main antagonist.) I"m okay with that. I love flawed characters.

Speaking of Negan, I enjoyed his scenes with Jadis as well. He was less obnoxious & more relatable, especially telling the story of his wife, Lucille. We get to see just why he"s so attached to his stupid bat. It goes well beyond just intimidation. I like that they"re fleshing out Negan"s character a bit, though I think it"s still going lớn be pretty much impossible khổng lồ reconcile him with Maggie after he bashed Glenn"s head in that way. I just don"t see it happening. We"ll see.

Most intriguing of all was the helicopter showing up & Jadis ready with flares. Well, not quite ready. Somehow Negan got hold of her flare & a gun & she got it away from him so he wouldn"t use it khổng lồ burn her photographs. So the chopper shows up & apparently doesn"t see her despite it being broad daylight and then flies off again.

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So what"s with the chopper? What"s with Jadis"s incredible little room, so neat & tidy with clean trắng sheets? What"s the story here? She must be part of a larger group, maybe the leader of some outpost that"s part of yet another large community, fully decked out with helicopters. It"s almost certainly the same group that flew a chopper over Rick earlier this season. Hopefully we find out more by the over of Season 8 as I"m genuinely curious what"s going on.

The other big mystery of the night is the mysterious passenger that Negan picks up on the way back to lớn the Sanctuary. Who could it be? I"m trying to lớn come up with some theories, but there just aren"t that many people who would be out wandering around. My best guess? Laura. The Savior who discovered Dwight (Austin Amelio) was a traitor but who hasn"t reported back yet. Somehow she"s managed lớn survive though she apparently looks like hell. It could also be Gregory, which might even make more sense given he would have just escaped and likely also looks lượt thích hell.

If this is the case it would mean that Negan now knows that Dwight is working for the enemy và that Simon disobeyed his orders with the Trash People. Two of his vị trí cao nhất lieutenants betrayed him & there will be hell lớn pay. This would explain his order at the gates to lớn keep his arrival a secret. Does this mean Dwight"s toast? Simon almost certainly is.

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Side-note: Simon didn"t actually go against Negan"s plan for Hilltop last week at all. It"s really strange, actually, because he was basically telling everyone to throw out the plan where they just turn people with zombified weapons. Instead they go in & do...exactly what Negan wanted them to do. They don"t use guns, don"t try lớn kill everyone, don"t wipe them from the face of the planet. Very peculiar writing choice.

Finally, I liked Michonne (Danai Gurira.) I don"t really care for the Michonne/Rick thắm thiết relationship---they just don"t have the right chemistry và work much better as companions than lovers---but I like what Michonne had khổng lồ say, even though I feel like Rick is still well within the window of intense grief & it"s okay if he isn"t ready khổng lồ fully accept his loss just yet. He does over up reading the letter at the kết thúc but we don"t know what it says (we can guess pretty easily given Carl"s message khổng lồ Negan & the things he said on his deathbed.)

The Bad

Naturally, I can"t get through an entire nhận xét ofThe Walking Deadwithout some complaints! Here are a few:

Rick và Morgan show up on the trail of the Saviors they"re chasing down. They see some amputated limbs & then...there"s a sound like a oto door hitting Rick maybe? I"m not sure. Anyways, it cuts khổng lồ black và next thing we know they"re both tied up and captured by the Saviors. Why not show what actually happened? Why not make this scene less confusing? Similarly, did I miss something or did Negan just magically get hold of the gun and flare & photographs? He was tied up, scooting his little cart around, & then Jadis wheels out that super creepy zombie (if only the whole show was as good as its zombies!) và next thing we know he"s got all this stuff. Very weird & confusing. I really don"t like Morgan"s visions. They keep saying "You know what it is" but we don"t. We don"t know. And we are tired of seeing dead people lượt thích this is the friggin"Sixth Sense.We all already know that Morgan is crazy, we don"t need a reminder. I was honestly hoping Henry would die because he"s just another really annoying kid. They can"t bởi not-annoying kids on this show for some reason (except that crazy girl, Lizzie---she was incredible.) Oh well, this was nice for Carol I guess. Oh, & I think Henry"s reaction to lớn the news that Morgan killed his brother"s killer was actually pretty spot-on. Instead of feeling better he just says "I"m sorry." Morgan is rattled, và rightfully so. Daryl man. Daryl is the worst. Seriously, somehow Tara went from being the worst a couple episodes ago to being okay again. She"s realized that Dwight is a good guy now và thinks he deserves a second chance, just lượt thích she was given. Daryl wasn"t always such a good guy, either, so he should know better. His stubbornness at this point is just irritating. Daryl continues to lớn be underutilized as a character, sticking around because Norman Reedus is popular but then given nothing worthwhile to lớn do. I am curious lớn see how he và Rosita take out Eugene"s bullet-making operation, though.

The Ugly

The ugly award goes khổng lồ that one zombie with Henry"s spear in it. Holy hell that was one ugly walker. Just incredible make-up.If only the rest of the show was that good!


All told, not really that much terrible stuff this episode. Some of the dialogue dragged, particularly the repeated scenes with Morgan và people pestering Morgan và him telling them that he sees dead people & hey, maybe they"re allactually dead và that"s the big twist.Or something.

The writers think that by saying the same thing more than once they"ll drive the point home. Have the same conversation four times và audiences will somehow understand it better. That"s just not how it works.

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I"m definitely intrigued by the helicopter and the mysterious passenger in Negan"s car, và I"m actually looking forward lớn Negan"s plans for Simon và Dwight, partly because I"m curious to see if Dwight manages khổng lồ escape. (Even if he picks up Gregory instead of Laura, I"m pretty sure Gregory knows about Dwight and could spill the beans himself.)

Only two more episodes left, folks. Hopefully these final episodes are more lượt thích this one và less lượt thích last week"s abysmal excuse for a television show. We shall see...

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