Hội an to nha trang by train

Hoi-an lớn Nha-trang Road Distance
506 Km
Hoi-an lớn Nha-trang Aerial Distance
415 km
Hoi-an lớn Nha-trang Travel Time
10 Hours

The Preferred Way of Travelling from Nha Trang khổng lồ Hoi AnHoi An does not have a railway station or airport. Hence, the best way to travel khổng lồ Nha Trang from Hoi An is firstly taking a bus, taxi or motorbike from Hoi An to da Nang, the nearest railway station lớn Hoi An. You can then take a train from domain authority Nang to lớn reach Nha Trang.

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Knowing The Details

1. Hoi An to domain authority Nang
2. domain authority Nang lớn Nha Trang
3. Hoi An lớn Nha Trang by Bus
4. Popular Routes to Nha-trang
5. Popular Routes from Hoi-an
6. Places khổng lồ Visit in Nha-trang
7. Hotels in Nha-trang

Hoi An to domain authority Nang by Private Car

The best way to transfer from Hoi An to domain authority Nang and vice versa is by hiring a private car. It’s quick, comfortable and convenient. Moreover, you can stop wherever you want on the way. If you have an accommodation arrangement in domain authority Nang, you can ask the khách sạn to send a oto to pick you up from Hoi An. You must however be careful since these oto drivers can be pretty rash in driving. It is best lớn organize for your private car trip beforehand lớn avoid last minute hassles. BlackLane transfers is one good private car service you can avail with air-conditioned cars và drivers who drive smoothly. It is slightly expensive but the comfort offered by them is definitely worth it.

The price of the private car ride can cost anything between VND 300,000 & VND 400,000 depending on whether you opt for a 4 – seater vehicle or a 7 – seater vehicle. This makes it a very expensive option if you are travelling alone. However, if you can chia sẻ the ride, the price can be quite economical.

You can travel through three routes:

1. Via Lac Long Quan

2. Via Vo chi Cong and Lac Long Quan

3. Via QL1A

All the above routes are approximately of the same length và on a normal day with usual traffic, it takes around 45 – 50 minutes. The route via QL1A is however slightly longer than the other two routes.

Hoi An to domain authority Nang by Taxi

Grab is a very popular cab aggregator in Vietnam, so big that it has acquired the country’s chapter of Uber & has become almost a monopoly in the cab aggregator industry. Khổng lồ hire a Grab car, all you need is a smartphone phone with internet & the Grab tiện ích on it. You can put in your pickup location và your destination and the oto will be at your foot in a while. It’s super quick and super easy & hence a very popular option. There are various options to choose from among 4 seater vehicles và 7 seater vehicles.

Another option is the airport taxi. You vị not have to lớn make any prior arrangement for these taxis. All you have to vì chưng is hop into the car và hand over your destination address to the driver và allow him khổng lồ take care of the rest. You must however be a little careful since not all drivers are aware of all the routes in the region and might get lost. Also, be aware of scammers. It is best to vị your bit of research on good taxi companies and use only their service. The most recommended taxi services are Mai Linh Taxi and Vinasun Taxi.

Most xe taxi drivers are careless drivers & drive rashly. Some taxis bởi vì not even have seatbelts in them! So try to lớn get your taxis from trusted tourist companies as they drive more slowly and carefully. The price of a xe taxi ride from Hoi An to domain authority Nang by Grab cars or the airport taxis cost around VND 600,000.

Hoi An to domain authority Nang by Bus

If you want lớn explore Vietnam from close quarters và are in for some adventure, you can opt for the local bus service. This direct bus from Hoi An to domain authority Nang is also known as the yellow bus & has been launched by the government to lớn encourage tourism. There are buses every đôi mươi minutes starting at 5:30 am in the morning lớn 6 pm in the evening. The public bus is also a cheap option but the travel time is slightly longer. The charges are extra if you have luggage with you. This can be a problem if you have more luggage since there is not enough storage space for a lot of baggage. The public bus is hence a great option for backpackers.

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You can use Google maps and its schedule explorer khổng lồ find the nearest bus station near you and the bus timetable. The public bus is not a great idea if you are travelling from the airport as the nearest bus station is at least 3 km away from the airport.

Travel Time: 70 – 80 minutes

Price: VND 24,000 (without luggage) | VND 48,000 (with luggage)

Da Nang lớn Nha Trang by Train

Da Nang is situated at a distance of 535 km from Nha Trang. There are about 8 trains which leave for Nha Trang from da Nang everyday. It is however best that you take an overnight train. This is because the train journey takes 10 lớn 11 hours và it is best that you bởi not chiến bại this time during the day when you can instead be exploring the place. Another advantage of taking the overnight train is that you can save on a night’s accommodation.

There are 2 night trains from da Nang: the SE22 & the SE10 which depart everyday at 7:50 pm and 11:15 pm respectively. If you have a lot of time in hand và wish khổng lồ see the scenery, you can take the day train as well. The railway station in domain authority Nang is only a short xe taxi ride or a 10-15 minute walk from the city Centre.

On an average, the tickets for the train journey from da Nang lớn Nha Trang cost around VND 605,000. They can be booked online through their website in advance or at the railway station itself.

Da Nang khổng lồ Nha Trang by Flight

The air travel from domain authority Nang to Nha Trang takes approximately 1 hour. Travelling by flight in Vietnam is fairly reasonable but it is costlier than the other travel options. The closest airport to lớn Nha Trang is Cam rỡ which is about an hour away from the Nha Trang thành phố centre. You can take the bus or the taxi khổng lồ reach from the airport.

There are several flight carriers which travel from domain authority Nang to Nha Trang but Viet Jet Air is the most sustainable choice. The ticket costs about VND 930,000 per person. If you book the tickets well in advance, you can get it for cheaper.

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Buses depart from the Hoi An city centre và leave you off at the Nha Trang city centre. Two popular bus companies which ferry passengers along this route are The Sinh Tourist and khô giòn Cafe. Both the buses depart at around 7 pm. The bus tickets cost anything between VND 250,000 and VND 330,000. Tickets can easily be booked online in advance. Vị remember that that almost 11 hour bus ride can also be very exhausting.

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