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Since we tried khổng lồ experience every possible mean of transport, we couldn’t miss the sleeper train to reach the thành phố of DaNang.Go straight to our train booking tutorial here.

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Our stay in Nha Trang is not very comfortable, not lớn say inconvenient. The sleeper train from Nha Trang to da Nang will be our best memory.Because of Tet holidays (Vietnamese lunar new year), hotels are super full and remaining places are way overpriced; we try then on Airbnb: same story, but eventually we manage to find a room, even though 5 miles away from the centre.Unfortunately at our arrival, the owners welcome us with a bad surprise: if we want the room we booked, we have to lớn pay more than double the price. Alternatively they suggest us khổng lồ go lớn a nearby guesthouse, quite crumbling, same price. Tired and annoyed we are happy (not really…) with the second option, finding ourselves in a bare room, with a mattress thrown on the floor as only piece of furniture.

We have dinner in one of the many Russian restaurants in town, that lately has been surprisingly settled by them, despite the not near mother land: hotels, restaurants, shops, travel agencies, there are cyrillic signs everywhere.

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After said problems we decide to lớn leave Nha Trang the next day và we book a sleeper train khổng lồ Danang, that leaves late at 10pm. Here’s a parenthesis on how to lớn book a train ticket in Vietnam.

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There are 3 ways to book a seat on a train in Vietnam:Book online on the Vietnamese railway website dsvn.vn. After you choose your seat, date & time, you will have lớn go yourself to the nearest train station with the email confirmation in order khổng lồ pay for your ticket in VND cash (unless you have a Vietnamese credit card to proceed with payment online, foreign cards are not accepted). You don’t need to lớn go khổng lồ the station you are leaving from to lớn collect your tickets, for example we got our tickets in Dalat station!Book online on 12go.asia, a very nice & clear website which allows you to use all the main global credit cards. Prices are same as on the Vietnamese one, you will only have khổng lồ pay a processing fee (around 2$). You will receive your e-tickets straight to your e-mail, và you will have lớn show it when you board the train. We used it when we were in Cambodia lớn buy tickets from Ho bỏ ra Minh to lớn Phan Thiet, it was a very nice surprise, sometimes we can’t even use this simple system back trang chủ in Italy!Just go khổng lồ the train station and buy the ticket that suits you. Most of the employees can speak a basic English which is enough to bởi the job.

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