Tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu


High school student Misumày Makoto lớn is called into lớn a fantasy world by the god Tsukuyongươi, in order to be a anh hùng. However, powerful others in this world aren’t as thrilled lớn have sầu hyên ổn there, và kiông xã hyên khổng lồ the edge of the world just as Tsukuyongươi declares that he must leave sầu Makoto lớn to find his own way.

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Now it’s up to Makolớn to find his own way!

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Prologue to lớn the wandering of a new world Arc

Prologue 1: This is the beginning of the autumn skyPrologue 2: The farewell gift is a secretPrologue 3: Goddess=BugPrologue POV: The meeting with the God of Moon, Tsukuyomi

Wandering in the ends of the world Arc

Chapter 1: Standing on a new worldChapter 2: I rely on the screamChapter 3: Encounter with the First Villager, no this doesn’t countChapter 4: That which I have sầu yearned forChapter 5: Unaware that it was cruelChapter 6: Uncertainty, the first fight is a bossChapter 7: The dream that the dragon shows meChapter 8: A delighful pledgeChapter 9: The garden inside the mistPOV Chapter: Meeting with the mamono, EmaChapter 10: Human settlement is still farChapter 11: What they Gọi true natureChapter 12: Shen, while regretting, obtains a lifetime partner.Chapter 13: The garden seems to lớn have sầu increased its levelChapter 14: Debut. My headaches have sầu reached level 2Chapter 14.5: Even if you tell me it is the role of the masterChapter 15: Peace & Town, things that move sầu farther the closer I getChapter 16: It’s written as ‘make over’ and read as ‘quagmire’POV Chapter: Meeting with the demi-human, BerenChapter 17: Truth, despairing my birthChapter 18: Adventurer registration in the ‘last’ villageChapter 19: Revenge on Kaku-sanChapter 20: Ah~ is this the restaurant cthua to the river? It’s not!Chapter 21: That night’s TomoeChapter 22: I don’t want such a global languageChapter 23: Mio’s feeling of worthChapter 24: Isn’t this a jewel box?!Chapter 25: … What happened?Chapter 26: Such a thing happenedPOV Chapter 26.5: Hyuman, The Truth & an Encounter ~Rinon~Chapter 27: Just in case, I will be doing it too you know?Chapter 28: I get off the carriage & the babysitting endsChapter 29: Best night ’til nowChapter 30: Gossip about the hero of LimiaChapter 31: Gossip about the nhân vật of Gritonia

A chapter in the lifestyle of Tsige Arc

Chapter 32: The report of the secretary EmaChapter 33: The dwarfs announcement assemblyChapter 34: Meeting with the wealthy merchant of TsigeChapter 35: Let’s just go lớn the merchant guildChapter 36: Responsibility education is greatnessChapter 37: Et tu, Mio?Chapter 38: Is the elixir supposed khổng lồ be boiled?Chapter 39: The almighty elixir is a type of cocktailChapter 40: Truly hating the curse diseaseChapter 41: Determining my pathChapter 42: E… vil?Chapter 43: Guild Registration AgainChapter 44: The bad situation of the company và a new journeyChapter 45: Talking with the dwarfs in a drinking partyChapter 46: Makoto’s WorldChapter 47: Makoto’s World ~Tomoe~Chapter 48: The people that gather around the honeyChapter 49: The wasteland’s flower, the town’s flowerChapter 50: My reliable xanh dragonChapter 51: At the Forest Ogres’ villageChapter 52: Walking with your eyes closed is dangerousChapter 53: After the feastChapter 54: Tree punishmentChapter 55: ReflectionChapter 56: Talking with the corpse –first part-Chapter 57: Talking with the corpse – second part –Chapter 58: The Third PactChapter 59: What can’t be regainedChapter 60: RetributionChapter 61: HereafterChapter 62: And so…Chapter 63: Gossip – TM Boot camp ~ the elegy of the forest ogres ~Chapter 64: Gossip – Limia’s Hero 2Chapter 65: Gossip – Gritonia’s Hero 2

Second Tome – Chance Meeting in Rotsgard Arc

Chapter 66: Looking at the departing backChapter 67: The two’s journey begins in a downpourChapter 68: Depressing NightChapter 69: Hibiki’s DistressChapter 70: Heroes ReuniteChapter 71: RingChapter 72: FurtherafterChapter 73: Decision in StellaChapter 74: The suffering of the Golden oneChapter 75: Their identitiesChapter 76: Something not that far in the past lớn hotline it a recollectionChapter 77: Lake of StarsChapter 78: The waking MakotoChapter 79: Mio in the middle of a tripChapter 80: Normal operations of AsoraChapter 81: MisunderstandingChapter 82: Raidou takes the testChapter 83: GotetsuChapter 84: Encounter with the “Library”Chapter 85: First ClassChapter 86: Looks lượt thích he will be my first studentChapter 87: Wishing that it will go well through all seasonsChapter 88: Gossip – Tomoe, Royalty và HeroChapter 89: Gossip – Mio, Cooking and Hero (1)Chapter 90: Gossip – Mio, Cooking and Hero (2)Chapter 91: Gossip – Mio, Cooking and Hero (3)Chapter 92: Makoto’s worries & unexpected rumorsChapter 93: Our homeChapter 94: Late night reportChapter 95: Asora changes with hyên ổn as the originChapter 96: In whole, a favorable windChapter 97: The temporary teachers’ staff roomChapter 98: The anticipated lecture & baptismChapter 99: Lunch together in GotetsuChapter 100: The request of the demonChapter 101: Imperfect combustionChapter 102: Lime’s reportChapter 103: Full guest nightChapter 104: Dangerous, dangerousChapter 105: Thus, the Adventurer Guild was born.Chapter 106: The spider’s thread. Tomoe grieves.Chapter 107: Before summer vacationChapter 108: Academy’s summer vacationChapter 109: Summer vacation part 1 ~ student ~Chapter 110: Summer vacation’s Part 2 ~ last migration interview ~

 Third Tome – Kaleneon’s Participation in War Arc

Chapter 111: School festival is soon to lớn comeChapter 112: An envoy from the churchChapter 113: Kuzunoha is no sheepChapter 114: You are telling me khổng lồ vì chưng that?Chapter 115: I wake up late và various things start.Chapter 116: There are times when the night drowns youChapter 117: Second day, wallflowerChapter 118: The wise và the Lorel UnionChapter 119: Various things locked-onChapter 120: The mini-storm before the stormChapter 121: Conditions và follow-upChapter 122: The Interlude’s footstepsChapter 123: Noble’s way of fightingChapter 124: Amelia vs SifChapter 125: ChampionChapter 126: If it’s Raidou, the chances of that development are lowChapter 127: Raidou breaksChapter 128: Tournament, first day of the team battlesChapter 129: Kuzunoha’s meetingChapter 130: A certain student’s background (Upper) ~Reunion~Chapter 131: A certain student’s background (Lower) ~Undercover actions~Chapter 132: Team battles, finalsChapter 133: Team battles, conclusionChapter 134: The enemy of my enemy is?Chapter 135: When I incidentally look, there are several pathsChapter 136: Sending off 4 và 5Chapter 137: Business and fightChapter 138: Guest’s rescueChapter 139: In front of the variantChapter 140: AmeliaChapter 141: Competition grounds, one endChapter 142: The two small miraclesChapter 143: If it’s 3 days, it’s still fineChapter 144: 5.45x39mm bulletChapter 145: Lime & MondoChapter 146: Eris, full-throttleChapter 147: Last night’s fireworksChapter 148: Sudden TurnChapter 149: Enquiry with Shiki-senseiChapter 150: Root’s miscalculationChapter 151: The Goddess’ circumstances, Makoto’s obstinacyChapter 152: Participation of the devil ①Chapter 153: Participation of the Devil ②Chapter 154: Participation of the Devil ③Chapter 155: Participation of the Devil ④Chapter 156: Participation of the Devil ⑤Chapter 157: The Devil’s change, the awakening of the nhân vật, an intruder appearsChapter 158: The revelation of the Dragon SlayerChapter 159: Realizing he is the DevilChapter 160: Realizing he is the Devil, late night of autumnChapter 161: Shiki and the hyuman dragonChapter 162: The conclusion outside the castleChapter 163: Everything without a traceChapter 164: Two Sleepy People Chapter 165: Tomoe, the Victory Celebration Party and Mio Chapter 166: It could be said that it was easier up until now Chapter 167: Makoto, Overcome This Chapter 168: Yata is that much Chapter 169: Among mỏi a handful of great men, he is not included Chapter 170: Although the gods have come, happiness is still far away? Chapter 171: If winter comes 

Fourth Tome: Kuzunoha’s Tour

Chapter 172: Fair-weather girlfriover Chapter 173: From the same town Chapter 174: Even more than being a anh hùng Chapter 175: Troubling matters Chapter 176: Feeling as if in a dream Chapter 177: Onlớn the EmpireChapter 178: Tomoki AppearsChapter 179: Negotiation BreakdownChapter 180: White DesertChapter 181: Devised Decision, the Desert’s DreamChapter 182: The Foggy MorningChapter 183: Shiki-sensei once againChapter 184: Welcoming and AudienceChapter 185: The Lapis Lazuli VolcanoChapter 186: The Banquet’s Night at the Dark CapitalChapter 187: Gossip – Mind’s eyeChapter 188: nguồn is needed even in a temple visit?Chapter 189: Mad festival templeChapter 190: A generous(?) rewardChapter 191: The darkness of the detháng race, và the shining oneChapter 192: A new stepChapter 193: Gift from a GodChapter 194: Arrival at Academy Town where his students awaitChapter 195: End of century AcademyChapter 196: Unknown SkyChapter 197: Like a PhoenixChapter 198: Gossip – Hibiki & LimeChapter 199: The Sea & Makolớn are doing wellChapter 200: A Makoto-lượt thích Asora diplomacyChapter 201: Makoto lớn, Shiki, & the silver teaChapter 202: I vì think it is a bit hasty thoughChapter 203: The name Neptune is not just for showChapter 204: Unannounced StormChapter 205: At the side of the sleeping priestessChapter 206: A transient peaceChapter 207: A long long day in Limia (top)Chapter 208: A long long day in Limia (bottom)Chapter 209: The two in the next morningChapter 210: The counter-plan goes astrayChapter 211: Invitation and ResponseChapter 212: Drowsiness of the VictorChapter 213: Today Kuzunoha leaves, và Limia must be having it hardChapter 214: Speaking of winter…Chapter 215: Failure & SuccessChapter 216: I heard from a whaleChapter 217: A clandestine meeting with just the twoChapter 218: Scaled Hot SpringsChapter 219: Hot Springs, an article of supreme blissChapter 220: The summoned oneChapter 221: The small details don’t matterChapter 222: Shrine of GodsChapter 223: Shinkhổng lồ Shrine……Chapter 224: A dangerous customChapter 225: The shrine maiden dancesChapter 226: Cherry blossom viewing partyChapter 227: Source of NaivetyChapter 228: Studying at onceChapter 229: Settling down, but jumping aroundChapter 230: RenewalChapter 231: Whirling banquet

Fifth Tome: Labyrinth of Lorel

Chapter 232: Everyday life và the town’s stateChapter 233: Tsige’s moveChapter 234: That shield is deep undergroundChapter 235: Dinner và reportsChapter 236: Results of Kuzunoha companyChapter 237: A place that’s nowhereChapter 238: Step UpChapter 239: And then, opening up…Chapter 240: Raidou & IzumoChapter 241: East Gate, MizuhaChapter 242: Acting separately is a basic course of actionChapter 243: After RinonChapter 244: Blindfolds are for fashionChapter 245: The princess of OsakabeChapter 246: Now that I think about it, that did happenChapter 247: The strength of the assassinsChapter 248: Wise gone wildChapter 249: Deepening mystery of the spritesChapter 250: Makoto và titlesChapter 251: Great heights of a myriad year chinese restaurantChapter 252: Interlude, even that is probably a peaceful journey (1)Chapter 253: Interlude, even that is probably a peaceful journey (2)Chapter 254: Interlude, even that is probably a peaceful journey (3)Chapter 255: Beren’s reportChapter 256: The Kannaoi of fire and oilChapter 257: Entrance, lượt thích an underground discharge channelChapter 258: “Pretty rare” ALT floorsChapter 259: That’s probably the Mascot MChapter 260: Encounter with the unknownChapter 261: Born question, born hatredChapter 262: Danger is exactly one of the certain answersChapter 263: Gift from the departed Dragon SlayerChapter 264: The transient bravesChapter 264: The transient bravesChapter 265: The despicable acts of the sleepless cityChapter 265: The despicable acts of the sleepless cityChapter 266: The identity of the scentChapter 267: It was preparationChapter 268: An impossible reunionChapter 269: Mummy Jin and Sweetheart RaidouChapter 270: A long time agoChapter 271: The difference in the sense of value in lifeChapter 272: Toa’s closureChapter 273: Intermission – At times, the misfortune gathering of Makoto lớn is usefulChapter 274: Outbreak of WarChapter 275: The fight progresses with Tomoe’s excitementChapter 276: Mio’s WeaknessChapter 277: Yarn, Crimson Lotus, & Asora WeaponChapter 278: Origin of talisman magicChapter 279: VS Hitsuna-san & MarikosansChapter 280: The moment we have sầu been waiting forChapter 281: A fight khổng lồ wrap up the fightChapter 282: Moonlight SlashChapter 283: The Beast Knight and The DevilChapter 284: The Grvà Battle between MonstersChapter 285: Invitation to the inner areaChapter 286: You are going that far?Chapter 287: Can I get a hundred?Chapter 288: Wish of FutsuChapter 289: Dragon Mother, Dragon Pulse; SuccessionChapter 290: Interlude – In the middle of the nightChapter 291: The third time a city burnsChapter 292: Izumo và IrohaChapter 293: It was an irreconcilable enemyChapter 294: Encounter with the worstChapter 295: Izumo’s resolve sầu, Haruka’s resolveChapter 296: The things brought about in battles at utmost limitChapter 297: Puppet revolt, endChapter 298: The next day was unfortunately rainyChapter 299: Surprise ShowChapter 300: How much for Useless Sword?Chapter 301: Pseuvì Hanten & Blaông xã HakamaChapter 302: Interlude – Chaotic LorelChapter 303: Asora takes flightChapter 304: Asora has evolved!Chapter 305: Day of the UnionChapter 306: A day of celebration with singing everywhere, & then, to lớn become a legendChapter 307: Can’t run away from Rembrandt

Sixth Tome: Setting Sun of Aion

Chapter 308: The identity of the revolution’s antitheismChapter 309: Dusk Street’s Great DetectiveChapter 310: As if PutridChapter 311: T5Chapter 312: The dreamed formChapter 313: The wish of LimeChapter 314: The despair of LimeChapter 315: The Demonic Mountain and the Hot Spring Resort once againChapter 316: The enemy of my enemyChapter 317: Makoto lớn nails a satisfying evadeChapter 318: Acknowledge…he has the power khổng lồ make that possibleChapter 319: Developer TChapter 320: The shocked RembrandtChapter 321: Raidou and Shiki’s love countermeasureChapter 322: I am hereChapter 323-324: Rising curtains for the showChapter 325: Under the moonlightChapter 326: Morning và BondingChapter 327: Raid of the Appraisal TeamChapter 328: Interlude: What I saw at that dayChapter 329: The rampage of youthChapter 330: Forbidden special concentrationChapter 331: At that silent nightChapter 332: Atonement must be fast and plentiful (1)Chapter 333: Atonement must be fast & plentiful (2)Chapter 334: A new wallChapter 335: MisunderstandingChapter 336: The work of people is deepChapter 337: White remainsChapter 338: Internal Conditions of the ChurchChapter 339: Hot Spring TrapChapter 340: Learning about how big the fish that was let go actually wasChapter 341: WALLChapter 342: To the untrodden pathChapter 343: The first và last warChapter 344: A good findingChapter 345: Tobikato’s BlessingChapter 346: Two WheelsChapter 347: Liên hệ with the ApostleChapter 348: Flood and CollapseChapter 349: Physically badChapter 350: Makolớn distributesChapter 351: Place of AnnouncementChapter 352: Plus OneChapter 353: Go, Shogi, & BoxingChapter 354: The idea of a fiendChapter 355: Myth of the Golden HighwayChapter 356: It resembles bothChapter 357: Deceiving, deceived, và deludingChapter 358: Towards Independence ①Chapter 359: Towards Independence ②Chapter 360: Towards Independence ③Chapter 361: Towards Independence ④Chapter 362: The Lightning of the ApostleChapter 363: Apostle Vs Devil ①Chapter 364: Apostle Vs Devil ②Chapter 365: Creaking GearsChapter 366: The path has been openedChapter 367: The next moveChapter 368: A new day?Chapter 369: A name change is urgently requiredChapter 370: SSCChapter 371: BeepChapter 372: Tomoe FamilyChapter 373: Tacit ConsentChapter 374: Tomorrow MorningChapter 375: Interlude – Return of the brave sầu warriorsChapter 376: Troubling fish armyChapter 377: Evolution – Awakening of ma powerChapter 378: The Taboo Word, StorehouseChapter 379: The lily flower that the Devil bloomsChapter 380: The world tossed aboutChapter 381: Strange DisplayChapter 382: Serious FaceChapter 383: To the Untrodden Stage ①Chapter 384: To the Untrodden Stage ②Chapter 385: You there with the kém chất lượng glassesChapter 386: Onigiri rolling aroundChapter 387: Clearer than dayChapter 388: Unequivalent Exchange?Chapter 389-390: Regular Patrons struggle và a secret crisis (Top-Mid)Chapter 391: Regular patrons and secret crisis (Bot)Chapter 392: At the shadow of a good omen is bad omenChapter 393: Extermination of visible enemiesChapter 394: Unexpected Audience ①Chapter 395: Unexpected Audience ②Chapter 396: Unexpected Audience ③ BackChapter 397: Unexpected Audience ③Chapter 398: True EssenceChapter 399: Sea Monster CalmingChapter 400: First Joint WorkChapter 401: White Feather ArrowChapter 402: Quite the normal hobbyChapter 403: The taming revolution begins nowChapter 404: A bright star shining silently in a remote regionChapter 405: Threads get entangled unintentionallyChapter 406: Slight Interlude – The one other partnerChapter 407: New PioneerChapter 408: Chaotic Reception Room (Pig)Chapter 409: Chaotic Reception Room (Scale)Chapter 410: Chaotic Reception Room (Web)Chapter 411: Chaotic Reception Room (Forest)Chapter 412: Chaotic Reception Room (Wings)Chapter 413: Unsuitable placeChapter 414: Leviathan LeviChapter 415: Pillow Talk

POV Chapters

Mio: A journey with Waka <28-37>Lime: One step ahead of Darkness <34-43>Akua: The forest Oni meets Makokhổng lồ <48-52>Shiki: Shiki(Lich) Meets Makokhổng lồ <54-58>Demon Army: Fort Stella-Demon army <70-78>Sofia: An Unexpected Encounter <74-78>Rembrandt Family: <82.5>Rona: Detháng General Meets Raidou <96-102>Makoto Extra <154.5> Lime 2: Lime’s Passion <100-110>Akua 2: Akua’s encounter with Fate <114-116>Rembrandt and Zara: Rembrandt & Zara at the school festival <119-133>Princess of Gritonia: Lily <151-157>Adventurer: The unfortunate demise of a certain adventurer <157-162>Shiki 2: Shiki in Rotsgard <167-169>Root: The Ancient Dragon Laughs as the Academy Town’s Peace is Destroyed <143-150>

Side Stories

Extra 1: At that time, in modern society 1Extra 2: At that time in the modern era ②Extra 3: Around that time… (1)Extra 4: The other world at that timeExtra 5: Around that time, modern day (3)Extra 6: Around that time, Modern day (4)Extra 7: Around that time……..2Extra 8: Around that time – modern day 5Extra 9: Around that time in Asora 1Extra 10: At that time, Modern day 1Extra 11: Around that time……..3Extra 12: Around that time Asora 2Extra 13: A certain day in KuzunohaExtra 14: A certain day with EmaExtra 15: A certain day in a smithyExtra 16: At that time in Tsige ~What happened at summer 1~Extra 17: A certain day at Tsige ~What happened at summer 2~Extra 18: A certain day at Tsige ~What happened at summer 3~Extra 19: A certain day at Asora 3Extra 20: A certain day at Asora 4Extra 21: At that time in the modern era 6Extra 22: Around that time…… 4Extra 23: A certain day at the seaExtra 24: At that time in the mountains (at Asora)Extra 25: At that time secretlyExtra 26: At that time in the modern era 7Extra 27: Kuzunoha-san 1Extra 28: Kuzunoha-san 2Extra 29: Story about the Gorgon-sansExtra 30: The story of a certain adventurerExtra 31: Asora’s currency was born in this wayExtra 32: A day with ShikiExtra 33: Days off in KuzunohaExtra 34: Manga SS – Tomoe’s training journey & a CrabExtra 35: Manga SS – Adventurer Guild on the edgeExtra 36: Manga SS – Doing their best in the requestExtra 37: Manga SS – Her a little laterExtra 38: Manga SS – Anomaly in the forestExtra 39: Manga SS – Crawling RedemptionExtra 40: Manga SS – Him last nightExtra 41: Manga SS – Right afterExtra 42: Manga SS – A certain man sets sailExtra 43: Manga SS – Wicked Tsige, Capture – Episode 0Extra 44 – Manga SS – And then, a revolutioExtra 45: Manga SS – the first big step of the great pioneersExtra 46: Manga SS – Plucked out talentExtra 47: At that time in the modern era 2Extra 48: Tsige Episode ~ the sister that had no family in the past & bathed in muddy water ~Extra 49: Tsige Episode ~ The little sister that had no family & was drunk in blood

Chuyên mục: Tin Tức