Once upon a time, there wasn’t a single card-based trò chơi on Nintendo Switch, but now we have loads. We have the post-toys-to-life Lightseekers, the challenging warfare of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions & the all-out silliness of Super dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission – and there’s even The Lord of the Rings: Living card Game looming on the horizon (amongst many others). We might not have Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone (well not yet, anyway), but the collectable thẻ game genre is very much in rude health on Switch. & now one of the biggest names in the genre – Yu-Gi-Oh! – is finally ready khổng lồ bring its monster-filled library lớn the platform in predictably outlandish style.

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Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re a fan hâm mộ of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game you’re going to lớn love Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: link Evolution. Well, mostly. With 20 years of thẻ updates và additions to draw from, this new virtual card battler includes a vast number of cards introduced over the last two-plus decades. That’s over 9,000 individual cards khổng lồ choose from, enabling you to build and customise decks with traps và monsters from the earliest iteration of the game right through to lớn some of the most recent expansions. Whether you’re a lapsed duelist or a dedicated player, the sheer commitment to its own archives is staggering. Sure, you haven’t got every thẻ there is (the new Duel power nguồn expansion isn’t included), but lớn be fair, it’s also a very new addition.


That same sense of authenticity extends to its very sizeable campaign as well. Split into six chapters (covering all six seasons), it covers all the major story beats from the seasons so far, including many of the biggest & most memorable battles. From ZEXAL to ARC-V, you can relive some classic duels from both sides, enabling you lớn double the rewards as a result. Each chapter has around 25-30 battles each, so you’re getting a good 30 hours of play (and that’s not counting the reverse matches). With the inclusion of the ‘new’ links Monsters (a type of thẻ that doesn’t sit in your main deck or hand, but effectively enhances those that do), you’re getting every aspect of the modern game. Liên kết Summoning was only introduced to lớn the real-life TCG in 2017, so it’s great lớn see this enhanced ruleset included here.

The campaign’s AI is still a little too unpredictable, however. The trò chơi originally appeared on PS4 and Xbox One in năm ngoái and while developer Other Ocean Interactive has gone all-in on the content, the randomness of its difficulty hasn’t been addressed. The random nature of CCG – & the lack of any tangible difficulty modes for the AI – means you can often end up with a poor or near unusable hand when facing some of the really tough duelists towards the end of each chapter. By the same token, you can kết thúc up with a super-OP hand & just wipe the floor with the same opponent. It’s inconsistent enough to lớn be annoying, especially for a four-year-old reissue.

We mentioned earlier that liên kết Evolution benefits from some considerable content benefits, and we’re not kidding – the previous console versions had around 7,500 cards, while this update has over 9,000. Switch players also get all of the DLC the trò chơi has received over the past few years, so you’re getting as close to lớn a comprehensive package as it’s possible lớn get. You also get some exclusive features, but these are more inherent to the platform, such as full touchscreen tư vấn when you’re playing in handheld mode. This is, by far, the best way to lớn play links Evolution. Alongside the sizeable single-player content, there’s also support for local and online play, although the latter has some caveats.


In terms of performance, liên kết Evolution is both an improvement on the previous version of the game and a bit of a letdown. Some of the nauseating animations that were rolled out after playing certain trùm cuối cards in the previous version have been removed, so you’re not forced khổng lồ endure them this time around, but you there’s some noticeable lag when playing online, with actions that take far too long lớn complete. Bizarrely, this issue does crop up in single-player sometimes as well when the AI bizarrely takes too long to lớn react to lớn your strategy. Previous Yu-Gi-Oh! titles didn’t suffer from this issue, so we’re hoping the developer & Konami address it otherwise it’s online community will die out like it did on PC. We also experienced the occasional hard crash, which is a real pain when you’re 15 minutes into an online match. This is an issue that’s plagued this trò chơi since its original release, and, sadly, it’s followed the trò chơi onto Switch, too.


There’s no doubt that Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelists: links Evolution has a few problems of its own – the delays between actions and the randomness of thẻ deliveries still rankle – but that doesn’t stop this from being the best version of the trò chơi yet. Hardcore devotees will notice that its 9,000+ card archive is missing a few key special cards, but as a virtual representation of the long-running TCG, this is a formidable beast. With no microtransactions, a constant stream of cards to lớn unlock and a streamlined recreation of all six seasons of the anime, this ranks as one of the best CCGs on Switch – if you can overlook its somewhat irksome issues.

Huge number of cards to lớn unlockGreat bitesize take on anime seasonsTouchscreen support is the best way to lớn playFrustrating delays between actionsCard draws are still too randomCrashing is still a problem

Good 7/10

Scoring PolicyReview copy provided by Konami

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Man, my baby bro will be all over this if he knows it exists.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

"Card draws are still too random"

On that regard it plays lượt thích any other Yu-Gi-Oh! Game, strange bé to name (I played this and older games, some older ones are even worse on that regard)

Rayquaza2510 I was about lớn edit my bình luận about that. It"s a card game... Shouldn"t your draws always be random?


Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Yeah I don’t get the complaint that thẻ draws are TOO random. They’re supposed khổng lồ be random, that’s how cards work...

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

You need lớn build your deck khổng lồ take into account that you never know what combination you"ll get, that"s the point...?

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I might have lớn give this a look at some point. I don"t think I"ve played a Yu-Gi-Oh! card game since Dark Duel Stories on the GBC.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Yeah, I came here to comment about card draws being too random as well... I just don"t get it. There are tons of cards for getting exactly what you want, and you can build your deck in such a way so you can use the cards together pretty much no matter what your hand is, so what"s the problem?

Anyway, while I like Yu-Gi-Oh enough (I learned lớn play lượt thích 12 years ago và completed some older games for the game Boy and the GBA), I would kill for something similar with Pokémon TCG. I used to play that quite a lot (even though not quite on a tournament level), và I was addicted lớn both the first version on the GBC and the Japan-only sequel, I stopped collecting the actual cards many years ago, & I haven"t really played TCG online either, not to mention I couldn"t really keep up with the changes và power creep of the new cards... But a trò chơi where all the cards would be available right from Base Set; that would be the coolest thing ever.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Screw the rules, I have portability

This game deserves more than a 7. Seriously, it is amazing that there are 1000s of cards with no microtransactions.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

It seems like the reviewer has never actually played yugioh in real life. Card draws are & should be random by definition. How could it be a "problem"? Part of the trò chơi consists in building your deck và you are supposed khổng lồ take randomness into consideration when doing that.

Rayquaza2510 I think They meant the card PULLS after you win a duel or buy a pack, It was too random in the PC vesion

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Build a deck that lets you tìm kiếm for what you need. Simple solution to lớn a negative problem.

LetsGoSwitch i agree this needs to lớn be more than a 7. The online might lag or crash but there is still sooo much to do in single player mode. I"ve crashed only once (single player) in the đôi mươi hrs that I have played it so far. Games like Super Mario Maker 2 & Super Smash Bros Ultimate can get away with having horrible online so this one should too.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I love Yu-Gi-Oh & couldn’t wait for this after its announcement. I have it on the Xbox but the switch was a trò chơi changer. New cards new decks updated perfect, or so I thought.

It’s such a pity as this could have been great và I guess I should have read what the game was before I blindly brought it but master rules 4 ruins the game.

If you don’t no the Yu-Gi-Oh rules changed & in my opinion Ruined the game by limiting special summons. In my rush khổng lồ buy I didn’t kiểm tra this và the new rules apply for all the single campaign games meaning that the desk (built & based on the old rules) are useless.

Considering the game is about playing the heros from the anime & playing withers deck it really takes away from it. It makes me want for my Xbox one and I thought I’d never say that over a switch game.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

There is only 1 thing I don"t like about this one, & makes the PC"s a bit better... Is the link Monster existed in this by itself. Many characters" decks in story mode would be affected by the new rules, & thus, they can"t spam the field, and neither vì chưng us if we are going lớn use the Story DeckI like Link Monsters, but I want khổng lồ enjoy the story mode to lớn its fullest, not getting restricted

Kalmaro Exactly my thoughts. Maybe they meant fraction of cards that hone in on the intended mechanic of the deck?

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

What is with fans of some kind of long running series always showing up in the đánh giá of every game that gets a 7 and demanding a higher score?

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Draws can"t be to lớn random. The whole game is about the draw phase that adds a random card to your hand.

Seasons? No. Duel Monsters is the original. GX, 5Ds, Zexal, Arc-V và VRAINS are all spinn offs. All of them have their own 5 or 4 seasons each.

"From Zexal lớn Arc-V" What? Why from the 4th khổng lồ the 5th series? Don"t you mean from Duel Monsters/the original khổng lồ Arc-V (and even 3 VRAINS matches).

It"s a great game though, have 65 hours in it in one week.Best thing about it is that it has all cards up lớn at least October 2018.Compared to most other Yu-Gi-Oh tcg games it lacks in fun story mode and presentation though. But it"s both good enough, having lot"s of fun.

Would have loved it if you could turn off the banlist in duels against people on your friendlist. & if you could revert back lớn master rule 3 in duels against people in your friendlist (and story mode). But I kinda get why it isn"t added.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I really want lớn play it, since i have that urge from Tag Force 5 (PSP). Sadly, i hate the new rules with those links cards... Also that "con" point "too random", that"s a requirement, else everyone would just stack the cards in a OTK manner...

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I"m glad to hear the AI is a little broken/unpredictable, makes me think the CPU has random draws too.Honestly used to love Yu-gi-oh games, but I could swear the last one I got on 3DS had the CPU drawing a pre-set hand, they always had some crazy combo in their first hand, no matter how unlikely the requirements were.

I may consider get this in the future (even if my rule knowledge is a decade behind XD).

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JayJ its our opinion. I"m not demanding it in any way. I don"t want people lớn shy away from this trò chơi because it"s negative points are not trò chơi changers. 7 is a good score considering it has a lot to bởi vì but people will view 7 as negative or ok at best. The fans commenting seem lớn appreciate it but there are different rules regarding link summons from what I"m reading. That"s understandable. Coming from duel liên kết and having lame pack dropz, this game is great. I have it on the xbox one but thẻ games are good for short bursts of play too và even offline.

super08mario Okay well the fans clearly have their opinion but other people have theirs & I don"t see why fans should rule over everyone and dictate how everyone can đánh giá something.

JayJ Yes even the reviewer has an opinion. People can disagree. Life moves on. Those are valid points in the reviews except for it being too random. I"ll still read the review from this website but I"m just leaving commentsbto give a different perspective khổng lồ people who read it. Basically it"s not as bad as it seems (at least for me). I"m not trying khổng lồ change the score but just give a different opinion. People should read multiple review before deciding.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

thanks for the review!

agreed with most of it but got confused with the cards being too random critique. I think thats the nature of thẻ games kinda like how battle royales are with their weapon spawns.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I think this is miễn phí on Steam but not forsure.

EDIT: No it"s $19.99 on Steam so a portable physical copy that you can resell for $12 more isn"t bad IMO.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I"d rather have PTCGO ported to the Switch tbh. . . I"m not a big enough Yu-Gi-Oh fan to pay $40 for the game. . .

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Kalmaro Ok, next question: What the heck is a XYZ summon?

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I summon my Pot Of Greed

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

I’m still on the fence with this one, my old 2003 GBA World Edition had an almost unbeatable deck but I do not recall what it was fully.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

This game seems really popular. I see it in the vị trí cao nhất 50 of Amazon, where it’s been for quite some time.

Usually niche games that have a really strong following, have that following for reason, so I tend lớn buy such games khổng lồ see what it’s all about. I picked this up the other day but I haven’t had a chance lớn play thanks khổng lồ Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, long Quest XIS demo, & tomorrow Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and Spyro drop.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

JaxonH If you need any help with the trò chơi as in rules or deck building ask whatever you want.

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Anri02 Every anime they adda new kind of card.

Duel Monsters = Started Yu-Gi-Oh

GX = Didn"t showroom anything but all ace monsters of the characters were fusion monsters & the anime was heavily centered around fusion monsters.

5Ds = Synchro , in the extra deck lượt thích fusion.

Zexal = Xyz (pronounced as ex-eez) in the extra deck like fusion.

Arc-V = Pendulum , in the main deck và is half quái vật card and half spell card. Goes to lớn extra deck instead of graveyard after being destroyed.

VRAINS = Link , in the extra deck like fusion.

They all have their own mix of rules in how the can be summoned and sone exclusive mechanics. If you really want to lớn know more I could explain. But I doubt it cause your comments read sarcastic.

Tue 3rd Sep 2019

Meh, two of those downsides should be patchable, while the 3rd just comes down to lớn making better decks, so...perfect trò chơi once it gets patched?

HinadeThe review on Amazon say that the chiến dịch is practically broken because of the limits that the newest rule-set puts on Extra Deck monsters that weren"t there in the older sets of cards.

It sounds like you would know if that is an exaggeration or not?

ohhaime I wouldn"t gọi them broken.There are 5 campaigns (6 but the last one has only two duels).Duel Monsters, which is completely playable as is. GX, which almost never had multiple fusions on the field so it will only slightly hamper the experience.5Ds, where half the time people would have more than one synchro on the field. So it sucks you can only have one, but because of some effects và cards you can easily get multiple on the field like I did. Because the rules state you can only have one extra deck summon on the field, so summoning extra deck monsters from the grave doesn"t count. (Which Stardust dragon can do with his own effect)Zexal, I think this mechanic-wise get butchered the most out of all. But funnily enough I just cleared it today và was the most fun chiến dịch I"ve done yet. Arc-V, can"t really tell but might be worse than most.

BUT, when playing the campaigns you can use or the predetermined story deck that imitates the deck that character used in the anime in that specific duel. (Which all the complaints are about, which includes the people on amazon.)Or you could use a self made deck which get rid of all the complaints, but could be way too powerfull if you"re a good deckbuilder so maybe don"t make it lớn overpowered.

I have cleared 4 of the 5 chiến dịch atm and only used the predetermined story decks và had a lot of fun. I have watched all the animes multiples times each which helps though. (Although quite some conversations get dumbed down a lot compared to the anime.)

Any remaining questions?I hope it helped!

Tue 3rd Sep 2019

I"m having a blast playing this game. But I wouldn"t consider "Card draws are still too random" is a con, that"s just the nature of thẻ games, and you can use your custom deck if the story deck is too random for you. All in all, recommended.

Tue 3rd Sep 2019

Of course card draws are random, that"s how thẻ games work. Stacking your deck is cheating in basically every thẻ game ever!

Tue 3rd Sep 2019

+1 bình luận in regards to lớn how shocking it is that random hands in a thẻ game can be held against it.

Tue 3rd Sep 2019

if this had the fighting animations from the series when you play cards I would 100% be sold on it, but I think I"ll wait for a sale

Tue 3rd Sep 2019

It sounds great, but I stopped watching the anime & collecting the cards after 4Kids royally screwed up the English dub khổng lồ "5D"s" (even worse than they butchered the previous two series). I"m not interested in all the catching up I"d have to do with the story và new card mechanics.

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Sun 29th Sep 2019

Fun but the grind is way too much. All the packs can give you infinite duplicates so rare cards can just never drop, even some common ones, I"ve been buying nothing but Kaiba packs for 2 weeks for 2 Thunder Dragonmatrix và they just will not drop. Meanwhile I"ve had rares like Blue-eyes Chaos Dragon và A-Z rồng Buster Cannon drop no less than 10 times a piece even though the maximum is 3 copies & you don"t get any points back even if your whole pack is dupes of things you already have 3 of. It"s actually a huge problem, even Duel links has "boxes" so you can get at least 1 of everything guaranteed eventually unless you reset the box.

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